Does Income Inequality Undermine Marriage?

I’ve been beating the income inequality drum for quite some time now. The  one of the most unnerving developments in the history of our society. Income inequality will destabilize even the most resilient society, and it nearly always leads to corruption (see Citizens United). I read an editorial in the Chicago Tribune this morning that [Read More…]

Best Marriage Quote Ever: Alexander Schmemann on Marriage as Mission

In light of the Supreme Court Ruling yesterday about marriage and DOMA, I wanted to share the best marriage quote I’ve ever read, at least in relation to the modern institution of marriage. Alexander Schmemann was an Eastern Orthodox priest, writer, and theologian. His book For the Life of the World is a must-read. It [Read More…]

Living Single in the Suburban Church: “I’m Not A Problem to be Solved”

In the typical suburban evangelical church, being single is treated like a problem which needs to be solved, as though a single person must need a spouse in order to image God. I could not disagree more. Often the church tries to create and manage matchmaking environments for those who are unmarried under the guise [Read More…]