Bombing Syria: There is No Right Way to Do This; There’s No “Good” Side to be On

There’s an interesting article up at Slate today in which they weight the pros and cons of an attack on Syria. I think it’s worth reading. It’s an interesting list of rationale from people both sides of the fence. I’ve pulled just a few out, but it’s worth reading the whole list. What’s so sad [Read More…]

They are Burning Christian Churches in Egypt

For years I’ve kept a few key-word email alerts at The New York Times. If the paper of record is talking about Christians, Christianity, evangelicals, or the church I get a notification so I can make sure and read it. Typically I get about one a week. Recently I’ve been getting multiple alerts per day [Read More…]

What Our Words Tell Us: David Brooks on the Rise of the Individual

I love to talk about words. 10 Great Words You Should Know & Use part 1 & part 2 & part 3 have been big posts here at Paperback Theology. I love to talk about the words we use not as an expert, but as an observer and lover of culture.. That’s why I was [Read More…]

Love Thy Stranger As Thyself: Interesting Op-Ed from the NYTimes on Evangelicals and Immigration

There’s a pretty interesting op-ed in the New York Times by Molly Worthen from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She’s writing on three subjects I care about: immigration, evangelicalism, and the Social Gospel of Walter Rauschenbusch. I think she says some interesting things. Here’s an excerpt: It’s true that Latino Americans tend to [Read More…]

David Kuo: I Will Miss This Voice in American Politics

David Kuo died last week after a ten year battle with brain cancer. He was a trusted voice from Washington, beloved by many evangelical square pegs – myself included. David Kuo helped me to snip the final cords that held me to the Republican party – either party for that matter – encouraging me to [Read More…]

Ever Count Calories? Casey Neistat Does the Math on Listed versus Actual Calorie Counts

Food is one of those things we consume an awful lot of without thinking too much about it – at least not theologically. Food represents 10% of the US GDP. It’s a big part of every single day of our lives. American spend more than a trillion dollars on food annually. I’ve written a few [Read More…]

An Ohio Christian College Loses Popular Professor: Cedarville Does Some Soul Searching

I think a lot of Christian College campuses must be going through issues like this right now. The fundamentalist message is so incompatible with a post-modern worldview, that the entire philosophy major has to be shut down. Shane Claiborne isn’t allowed on campus because his ideas might be challenging? Really? I remember Cedarville U. because [Read More…]

My 2012 Election Predictions 4 Days Out: Obama Hatred v. Slow Steady Progress

Content Director’s Note: This post is a part of our Election Month at Patheos feature. Patheos was designed to present the world’s most compelling conversations on life’s most important questions. Please join the Facebook following for our new News and Politics Channel — and check back throughout the month for more commentary on Election 2012. [Read More…]