The American Justice System Isn’t Broken – It’s Doing Exactly What It’s Designed to Do

“I think our criminal justice system is working as intended. It is only broken to the extent that our society is broken… the lens of criminal justice is the way this country has traditionally regarded black people. I don’t know that anything is broken at all. The deeper question is: are we okay with something on [Read More…]

Claiming the Body: The Funeral Task as Keeper of the Sacred Words

Editors’ Note: This article is part of the Patheos Public Square on Remembering the Dead: Ancestors, Rituals, Relics. Read other perspectives here. A few years ago my friend Chris Jehle asked me to begin making a trek to the hood in KCMO to help him with a peculiar task. Chris had spent the previous fifteen [Read More…]

Poverty, Inequality are Symptoms of a Fundamental Problem: We Want to Live Without Limits

Do a Google Image search for the phrase “No Limits” and see how many of the hits are from churches promoting a sermon series by that title. That’ll tell you how far off the church is on one of the most important problems plaguing our contemporary culture. It seems as though we’ve reached a tipping [Read More…]

Daycare Costs More than College in 31 States.

Data journalist Christopher Ingraham has an interesting piece up at the Washington Post right now. We all know college is expensive, but when compared to day care costs we have a new reality: “A report last fall by Child Care Aware America, a national organization of child-care resource and referral agencies, found that the annual cost [Read More…]

McBudget – What Do You Think?

Nobody listens to the low wage workers of the world… really… nobody. Lately their tactic has been to organize one day strikes to draw attention to their struggle. In recent weeks, employees having been staging one day walk-outs to make their point. What’s their point? Their point is that wages for CEOs in America rose [Read More…]