The Forgotten Virtue of Brokenness


This essay was originally a sermon, delivered to Redemption Church. If you would like to listen or download the mp3, here’s the link.       One of the consistent claims of Jesus in the New Testament was this idea that the heart matters. The exterior life can be deceptive; we can play games with [Read More...]

Together Like Priests: How a Bilingual Worship Service Made Us All Smell Better…


Every Sunday as we are dismissing our church service, another congregation is just arriving. Via de Esperanza is a wonderful Spanish-speaking congregation with whom we share a worship space each week. It has been one of the real joys of my ministry life to have Via worshipping in this building, hopefully feeling more and more at [Read More...]

Ash Wednesday Service Ideas & Why this Day is so Important

“What good is it to live long when we improve so little? A long life does not always improve us; in fact, it often adds to our problems. Would that we could spend even one day well in this world. Many people count the years of their lives in Christ, but often not much comes [Read More...]

Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that things got a little bit nutty in our worship service yesterday. We’ve come to expect the Sunday after the first intense cold snap in KC will be a bit of a challenge for our church. Twenty-five or thirty homeless folks who are part of our congregation will be coming in from the [Read More...]

St. Francis of Assisi and the True Self

The Communion of Saints ID

At Redemption Church where I pastor, we are in the midst of a preaching series called The Communion of Saints. This past week we studied the life of St. Francis of Assisi. Most of us know at least a little something about St. Francis. Born to a wealthy merchant father, Francis grew up a child [Read More...]

Redemption Church is Ten Year Old Today

Redemption_party (2)

Ten years ago today Redemption Church had our very first public service. We met in the lunchroom of Meadow Lane Elementary for our first year, every week the place smelled like tacos. We had to burn incense to get the smell out. But people showed up, and we fell in love with each other. We [Read More...]