Top 12 Worst Pastor Gimmicks – From the RNS

So, the RNS posted an article about the top 12 worst pastoral stunts┬áthat were done in order to gain publicity, or do “ministry.” My first question was, why aren’t the top five all Ed Young related? The Sherman tank on stage, a live lion as a sermon illustration, or the bed-in, when Ed and his [Read More…]

Why Mark Driscoll’s Influence Will Never Last: Jonathan Merritt Nails it Again

Mark Driscoll is promoting his new book, in which he is calling out Christian leaders for being too confrontational and fostering too much infighting… What the what? It gets better. Driscoll’s big publicity stunt to promote his book on being less confrontational, was to show up uninvited at rival-Calvinist preacher John MacArthur’s “Strange Fire Conference” [Read More…]