Lent 6A, Palm Sunday: John 19:12-19 – Powerful / Not-Powerful

Christ's Entry into Jerusalem by Hippolyte Flandrin c. 1842

Here’s a transcript of my sermon from last week (Palm Sunday). If you are a pastor please feel free to cut & paste everything. I got much of the historical stuff from commentaries, especially Ken Bailey’s work on Jesus, and from talks by John Ortberg & Rob Bell.     2014.04.15 – Lent 06 John [Read More...]

Lent 5A: John 11:1-45 – Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead

This is my sermon from last week. If you are a pastor, feel free to copy and steal everything.  2014.04.06 – John 11:1-45 Lent 05 – Jesus Raises Lazarus from the dead Eugene Peterson tells a great story about when he was a kid growing up in tiny little town in Montana. It was late [Read More...]

Epiphany 5A – Matthew 5:13-20; Salt & Light, Law and the Prophets

This is the sermon I preached last week at my church Redemption Church. If you are a pastor feel free to copy & steal everything. Epiphany 5A – Matthew 5:13-20 2014.02.09 – Light Will Shine 06 This week I got sucked into this book Salt: A World History… Have you heard of this book? Mark Kurlansky tells [Read More...]

It’s a Mad World / A Video and Sermon Helps for Advent 01

Advent season is arriving, which means that many of us who do not follow the lectionary in ordinary time begin to sync back up with it. Each week I’m going to try to put together a few thoughts to help provoke those pastors, students, and theological nerds (meant to be a term of endearment), as [Read More...]