Franklin Graham and the Pain of Being the Son of a Great Father

Franklin Graham can be quite frustrating at times. Over the past few years, however, I’ve been feeling more and more compassion for him. There’s a great line from the movie Amistad. Two jaded White House staffers are making fun of John Quincy Adams. “What must that be like,” one of them asks, “knowing all your life, whatever [Read More…]

Kanye’s VMA Speech Is Getting Lots of Love – Not From Me

I keep seeing media sites taking Kanye’s VMA speech seriously. The worst offender is Slate, and the article that calls it the Greatest Awards Show Acceptance Speech of All Time.” Seriously? The VMA awards have become ever more ridiculous each year. The unofficial theme in 2015 was clearly Idiocracy Live, complete with a Camacho-like presidential address by Kanye [Read More…]

Another Day, Another Made-up Crisis: Ted Cruz’s Fake Filibuster

There’s an interesting article in Slate today on Ted Cruz’s filibuster and why its a scam. The tag line reads, “Sen. Ted Cruz is betting that voters are confused enough about how the Senate works that they can be fooled into thinking he can still stop the law.” It’s debt ceiling time again and one [Read More…]

Bombing Syria: There is No Right Way to Do This; There’s No “Good” Side to be On

There’s an interesting article up at Slate today in which they weight the pros and cons of an attack on Syria. I think it’s worth reading. It’s an interesting list of rationale from people both sides of the fence. I’ve pulled just a few out, but it’s worth reading the whole list. What’s so sad [Read More…]

Can You Name Your Baby Messiah? Apparently Not in Tennessee

From Slate Today: A magistrate judge in Newport, Tenn., made national headlines this weekend when she took it upon herself to rename a 7-month old baby, whose parents appeared before her at a child support hearing, to resolve a dispute over the child’s surname. The baby’s given name was “Messiah DeShawn Martin.” Child Support Magistrate Lu [Read More…]

Watching Your Kids Fail: What Baseball is Teaching Me About Parenting

I read a great article on kids sports and parenting at Slate yesterday subtitled, “How baseball encourages bad parenting – and how you can support your kids on the diamond without driving them crazy.” I read this article thinking that this guy was in my head. Both of my kids are playing a ton of [Read More…]

What Does a Drowning Person Look Like, and Why Do We Miss the Signs?

I read a fascinating article on Slate today about how most people can look straight at a drowning person and not realize what is happening because they do not know the signs. The article starts with this story: “The new captain jumped from the deck, fully dressed, and sprinted through the water. A former lifeguard, he [Read More…]

What Religion are You? The Growing “none” Category

Slate had an interesting article up today, One-Fifth of Americans Now Religiously Unaffiliated.  The data It is based on Pew Research data: “…tracking the so-called religious “nones,” a group that’s increased by 5 percentage points in the past five years—and roughly 10 points in the past two decades—to 19.6 percent of all Americans, or about [Read More…]