ISIS, Syria, Israel, 9/11, Ray Rice, Pistorius, Ferguson: Stanley Hauerwas & the Freedom to Hope

The website lets me peruse snaps-shots of today’s front pages from over a thousand newspapers around the world. I’ll often look at my hometown paper, The Salina Journal, or browse a few major U.S newspapers just to get a glimpse of what people are waking up to. Perhaps it is nostalgic, but it feels like [Read More…]

Bombing Syria: There is No Right Way to Do This; There’s No “Good” Side to be On

There’s an interesting article up at Slate today in which they weight the pros and cons of an attack on Syria. I think it’s worth reading. It’s an interesting list of rationale from people both sides of the fence. I’ve pulled just a few out, but it’s worth reading the whole list. What’s so sad [Read More…]

Monday Morning Confessional

I confess that I don’t get why people are so upset about Ben Affleck as Batman. I like Ben Affleck. Maybe its because I never saw Gigli? I did see Pearl Harbor, though… ouch. But I also saw Argo, and Good Will Hunting, both of which I think are amazing films. Perhaps even more impressive is [Read More…]