Liz Kanoy, Editor at Crosswalk, Has a Thoughtful Article on My Piece On the Language of Terrorism

Liz Kanoy, an editor at, is one of the writers I check in with now and then, just to see what she’s thinking about and writing about.  You can see more of what she’s written here. Kanoy always seems to write about matters that matter, not just to see how many shares she can get, [Read More…]

Dear France: Don’t Make the Same Mistake We Did

It’s Not War, It’s Murder: Why the Language We Use about Terrorist Attacks Really Matters.     My heart goes out to the people of France, especially the residents of Paris. When faced with such unspeakable violence and barbarism humans cannot help but experience a visceral loss of our sense of security. The fear resulting from such a loss [Read More…]

An 8-year-old boy was among the dead…

Two improvised explosive devices were detonated near the finish line of the Boston Marathon yesterday. Three people were killed, and  over 175 were wounded and sought medical attention at local hospitals. Pictures now emerging from the scene paint a gruesome picture of limbs blown off, blood-soaked sidewalks, people screaming in pain and fear, and stumbling [Read More…]