10 Questions for the Only Pastor I Know Who Doesn’t Have a Cellphone

This article was previously published at Crosswalk.com. You can go here to see the whole interview. How many of your friends can you name who do not have a cell phone? If I don’t count anyone under the age of 16, or over the age of 80, then I can only name one: my friend Garrett. [Read More…]

For All You Pastors Out There Sitting Down to Write Your Sermon This Friday…

            Dear Pastor, You put your congregation first, and yourself last, and you did it all week long. You took every phone call, answered every email, attended every meeting you could, and kept the ball moving forward in your congregation. You shared words of comfort, compassion, and encouragement with your people. [Read More…]

Eugene Peterson’s “Unbusy” Pastor – Evangelicalism Needs More of These

I’ve been reading Eugene Peterson’s The Contemplative Pastor again. I’m not sure how many times I’ve read this book. Sometimes I think I should always be reading it for at least a few minutes a day. Today I was struck by this line: “I am busy because I am vain. I want to appear important. [Read More…]