10 Thomas Merton Sayings that Sound Just Like Yoda.

My sons and I have been watching our way through the three Star Wars prequels (insert Jar Jar Binks jokes here), as a way to get excited for the new film. For a couple of hours after every movie my kids and I end up inverting our sentence structures to mimic the way Yoda speaks. The [Read More…]

Lent 6A, Palm Sunday: John 19:12-19 – Powerful / Not-Powerful

Here’s a transcript of my sermon from last week (Palm Sunday). If you are a pastor please feel free to cut & paste everything. I got much of the historical stuff from commentaries, especially Ken Bailey’s work on Jesus, and from talks by John Ortberg & Rob Bell.     2014.04.15 – Lent 06 John [Read More…]