Land – Ownership, Entitlement, Public, Private, Commons & Crown. What Is The Best Way?

Image Source: Presentation by Robin Moore and NLI Neighborhood Charrette,

“Land is for everyone” some claim, while others complain that “The public abuses the land!” What approach is best? [Read more...]

How You Can Have A Nox Festival – A Festival for The Longest Night


Want to have a full fledged celebration of Nox? Rua Lupa shows you how that can be done… [Read more...]

Celebrating Nox – The Longest Night – The Year’s Midnight. What You Can Do At Home.


Here are some ways anyone can celebrate The Longest Night. [Read more...]

The Importance of Material Culture (or Why Stuff Matters)

From Helen and Richard Leacroft, The Buildings of Ancient Rome, Brockhampton Press 1969

Guest Post by Jake Diebolt looks at a common theme this time of year of getting gifts for one another versus the philosophies that teach that going without is better and considers how material goods are actually important to our well being. [Read more...]

Saegoahs Have a Tartan??

Saegoah Tartan, Earthen Version

Learn about the Saegoah Tartans. [Read more...]

DIY Autumn Adventures – Growing A Forest Garden. It can supply food, medicine, and sanity, while protecting against drought & flood.

Image Source: - Then and Now

Learn how you can turn a energy and resource guzzling lawn into a food forest oasis! And you can start the process this autumn by working with nature’s natural seeding time. [Read more...]