The Forgotten Gods of Nature

Daniel Villafruela -

When we think of the gods of nature, we almost always anthropomorphize them. But what of nature deities that have never, and will never, take human form? Who are the gods of the salmon and the slime molds, of pine trees and fig wasps? [Read more...]

A Saegoah Styled Wedding – or Bonding Ceremony

Enchanted Forest Wedding Invitation by akdreamweaver

A Saegoah Wedding is called a Bonding Ceremony, and it is typically done between Transequinox & Equinox when the weather is warm, food is plentiful, and if conception occurs the offspring arrives when most life does – in spring. As it is now that time of year, here are a couple of Bonding Ceremonies. One Public, and one Personal. [Read more...]

Transequinox Pastries

Transequinox Pastry

Transequinox is midway the summer solstice and autumn equinox. A time of hot weather and ripening fruit. And here is one way to enjoy it! [Read more...]

Festivities of Natural Annual Events: Australis Transequilux – Midway Global Solstice & Equinox


The natural occurrences around the world and the festivities that result from them for this time of year. [Read more...]

The Altar of Curiosities, Part III


In this third and final installment of the series, Lupa Greenwolf discusses how to create your own Altar of Curiosities, including some considerations you might not have thought of. [Read more...]

Festivities of Natural Annual Events: Borealis Lux (The Longest Day & Night of Year)


Here is how we have the longest day & night of the year, its effects on the planet and the various customs and celebrations all over the world that are in response to this. [Read more...]