Transequinox Pastries

Transequinox Pastry

Transequinox is midway the summer solstice and autumn equinox. A time of hot weather and ripening fruit. And here is one way to enjoy it! [Read more...]

Festivities of Natural Annual Events: Australis Transequilux – Midway Global Solstice & Equinox


The natural occurrences around the world and the festivities that result from them for this time of year. [Read more...]

Festivities of Natural Annual Events: Borealis Lux (The Longest Day & Night of Year)


Here is how we have the longest day & night of the year, its effects on the planet and the various customs and celebrations all over the world that are in response to this. [Read more...]

Saegoah Celebrations: Lux (Summer Solstice)


A Saegoah’s Way of Celebrating The Longest Day of The Year. Playing with light, movement, colour and celebrating the youth coming into their own. [Read more...]

Festivities of Natural Annual Events: Borealis Translux (Midway Equinox & Solstice)


An overview of global seasons and resulting celebrations during the midpoint between the equinox & solstice. [Read more...]

Introducing Paths Through The Forests

Lupa Emblem

New blog from Lupa Greenwolf and Rua Lupa on ecotheology, permaculture, animism, bioregionalism, and more! [Read more...]