Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud


Lupa Greenwolf has been experiencing a warm, sunny winter–and it’s not cause to celebrate. [Read more...]

This World is Sacred, Too


Let this world be sacred, too. Let us not see it as a flawed version of some paradise; let us not seek to leave it too soon or–worse yet–tear it down in the hopes of manifesting its perfect cousin. [Read more...]

Love Letters To My Ancestors – III


Lupa Greenwolf addresses her third and final Samhain love letter to those she will be an ancestor to someday, voicing both regret and hope for the future she will leave for others. [Read more...]

In the Wake of Martha’s Passing


On the 100 year anniversary of the death of Martha, the last passenger pigeon, Lupa Greenwolf looks at what we’ve learned and gained since her passing. [Read more...]

Small Green Things


The growing light of day wakes me a little too early, and my first thought is that I’ve forgotten to put the blinds back up again. [Read more...]

It’s Okay To Be a (Pagan) Omnivore


Amid claims that meat makes you a less spiritual person and that veganism is the only way to cure environmental ills, Lupa Greenwolf gives salient reasons why omnivorism can be ecologically valid and spiritually balanced. [Read more...]