Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud


Lupa Greenwolf has been experiencing a warm, sunny winter–and it’s not cause to celebrate. [Read more...]

What Atheists Can Learn From Pagans


What could an Atheist possibly learn from Pagans? Well, a lot actually. Hear what those things are through someone who is already both Atheist and Pagan [Read more...]

The Altar of Curiosities, Part II


Lupa discusses in detail what defines an Altar of Curiosities: a collection of natural or otherwise noteworthy items that are valued both for their intrinsic qualities as specimens, and whatever spiritual qualities their curator ascribes to them. [Read more...]

The Altar of Curiosities, Part I


The Altar of Curiosities is a system that’s very much based on my relationship with the land and its denizens. Each memento keeps alive the connection I made to the place I brought it from, and the altar as a whole is like having a direct line to each of a circle of friends; all I have to do is pick up my end. [Read more...]

The Entire Universe is a Sacred Site


Most spiritual paths suppose that certain places are inherently more sacred than others. One of the things I’ve come to feel over time is that all places and things are sacred. My path is specifically designed to remind me of this, even at the most supposedly “mundane” moments. [Read more...]

A New Look at the Magic of Trees


I am here in this world, and I want to be as fully in this world as I can be for as long as I have the privilege to do so. I don’t want to chase down dreams of an afterlife and miss out on the miracles that occur here every moment, with every breath. Trees are one good example of a miraculous sort of being. [Read more...]