Why I Chose to Work on A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment


Lupa Greenwolf was one of the writers of the controversial A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment. Why did she choose to be a part of this project? [Read more...]

Saegoah Pursuits: Wooden Computer

Regular Desktop Converted Into Standing Desk Via Boxes (Under Monitor: memory box; Under Keyboard: Knotweaving box; Under Mouse: Sewing Kit). Image Credit: Rua Lupa

How our electronic devices are impacting our ecosystem, and what you can do about it. [Read more...]

The Pagan Ape


We are Homo sapiens sapiens, the last human ape. But what does that mean in our current environmental crisis–and what does it say about us as pagans? [Read more...]

Locavorism as a Pagan Value


How can modern pagans, most of whom have never grown their own food, create a deeper connection to the land through food? Moreover, how does buying locally produced food become a sacred act in and of itself? [Read more...]

Small Green Things


The growing light of day wakes me a little too early, and my first thought is that I’ve forgotten to put the blinds back up again. [Read more...]

It’s Okay To Be a (Pagan) Omnivore


Amid claims that meat makes you a less spiritual person and that veganism is the only way to cure environmental ills, Lupa Greenwolf gives salient reasons why omnivorism can be ecologically valid and spiritually balanced. [Read more...]