A Church without Words

I go to a church where there are no words.Well, that's not entirely true.  To be more honest, I would have to say that I go to a church where there are many words, but none for me.  You see, for the past year and a half, I've been attending a German LDS congregation and, let's be real here, I simply do not know the language.True, I can pick out pieces from a heartwarming story about a loyal cat or generally understand that there may (or may not) be a meeting of some sort on the 15th, but … [Read more...]

An International Snapshot of Mormonism

Mormonism has been called an (if not the) American religion. To go further, I think that it could also be called an American middle-class religion, an American mountain-west religion, or an American white religion. All of these possible labels spotlight particular characteristics of Mormonism's majority structure, culture, demographics, and history.What often gets overlooked, however, is Mormonism's international presence.  I should note, I'm not trying to make a case that international M … [Read more...]

Mormons, Soldiers, Socialists, and Me

Growing up, I lived in society where housing was assigned to families based, first, on their size and, second, on their seniority within the government.   My parents never paid rent or utilities and, when something in the home needed repairing, they would call a central maintenance department that serviced the entire city.  When we were sick, we simply went to the hospital where we were treated and handed our prescriptions after showing our identification cards.  Both of these services were alwa … [Read more...]

The PR (In)convenience of Mormon Terminology

One of the more fascinating aspects of the recent “Mormon Moment” (and there are many) has been the way the LDS church’s Public Relations department (LDS Newsroom) has had their press-release blasters set to immediate and well-publicized damage control.  Well, in comparison, that is, to what its output seemed to be in the past. … [Read more...]