I’m OK with being ‘only a sister’

It didn't hit me at first. I sat there during the Saturday Afternoon session of the most recent General Conference and listened to Jeffrey R. Holland's praisefest of mothers, not thrilled at the exclusivity he was showing but digesting it nonetheless. It wouldn't be until later that evening that the meltdown would come and I would wonder how to pull myself back together.Before going to bed, I had the realization that when I joined the LDS Church 15 years ago this month, *I* had broken *my* … [Read more...]

Mitt Romney Still Doesn’t Want to Talk About Race in the Mormon Church

So the guy who was in charge of getting Barack Obama elected both times, David Axelrod, recently sat down for an interview with Mitt Romney. Romney, you might remember, was pretty convinced that Obama didn't deserve a second term in office. So much so that he ran against him. You might also recall that Romney lost.So the man who basically orchestrated what may turn out to be the final word in Mitt Romney's political career just had a cordial chat with him for about an hour, and then uploaded … [Read more...]

The 5 Best References to Mormonism in the History of Television

So that Quantico show debuted a little while back. It's a show about FBI agents and stuff that critics seem to generally like, but Mormons are generally nervous about. Apparently there's a steamy hot Mormon hunk in the first episode who doesn't really make it to the second episode and there was a lot of anxiety over this because I guess his temple garments were visible in one scene (but less visible than originally intended, or something?).  Also, from what I gather the Mormon dude turns out to b … [Read more...]

Science and Religion

All men, regardless of race, religion, or cultural background all at some point wonder and question where they come from and what the point of existence is. Some try through science to answer the question, others through philosophy, and still others through religion. No matter how they try to answer it, they all have the question. And it is their desire to have the question answered so that they can go onto something else.For scientists, they use the scientific method to answer problems, … [Read more...]

A Review of Thomas McConkie’s Navigating Mormon Faith Crisis

  A man, peering over the ledge of a precipice into nothingness; a woman, looking down in horror at the cracks blooming across her chest, only to see that they reveal a star-studded interior.These first two images of Thomas McConkie’s newly-released book, Navigating Mormon Faith Crisis: A Simple Developmental Map, juxtapose two conceptions of “faith crisis.” One is the binary clinging to safe ground or leaping into an abyss; the other, McConkie’s rendering, casts it as a tra … [Read more...]

Book Launch: Navigating Mormon Faith Crisis

On Friday, October 2nd, Thomas McConkie's book Navigating Mormon Faith Crisis: A Simple Developmental Map will be launched. Read on to find out what it's all about, and check back for a book review coming soon. Amazon copies will available tomorrow at 7pm MT. For as long as there has been faith, there has been faith crisis. This generation of Latter-day Saints is no exception to the rule.Generally, faith crisis points to a kind of falling apart, a disintegration of one’s former w … [Read more...]

Abortion as Seen in Young Adult Science Fiction

 Imagine a world where a civil war has been fought over abortion, and the compromise that ended the war was The Bill of Life, a document that essentially postpones abortion by making it illegal to tamper with life from the moment of conception up until age 13. In the teenage years, however, parents may choose to have a child “unwound” into parts used in organ transplants. Improbable as it sounds, this is the premise of Neal Shusterman’s Unwind series. If you can ignore how preposterous t … [Read more...]

Clearing the Air

Last week in this space, I wrote about what Latter-day Saints can learn from the Roman Catholic Mass. I did in an effort to 1) Show that we can learn from other faiths, which some Latter-day Saints vehemently disagree with 2) Talk about some of the shortcomings of our sacrament meetingsIn my writing I engaged in a bit of hyperbole;exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally. I said things like such as "I personally have never in my 6 years of church membership received … [Read more...]