These Three Things Are True

Sharp divisions make it hard to pinpoint "how Mormons feel" about the policy barring children of same-sex married parents from blessing or baptism in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but these three things are true:Mormonism is charismatic. Mormonism is organized. Mormonism is Mormons.By “Mormonism is charismatic” (from the term “charismata”, or gifts of the Holy Spirit including visions, healings, prophecy, etc.) I mean that its existence as a religious tradition is … [Read more...]

Who does the membership ban really affect?

Perhaps the most disheartening thing about Elder Christofferson's well-meant video, which attempted to address concerns about the new membership ban for children of a parent in a same-sex relationship, is that he provided no new information. The Church's motivation for this ban was already understood by many to be a desire to avoid significant conflicts between minor children and their parents. And a desire to make the Church's law absolutely clear (though it's ludicrous to think Mormons don't k … [Read more...]

If I left the Church

The last few days have been less a whirlwind for Mormons, and more a tornado of emotions. The Church released updated policies to local leaders, in an amendment of the official administrative handbook that only leaders typically see. It didn't take long for former Mormon John Dehlin to leak the updates to the press, following which the Church promptly confirmed the updates to news sources, before remaining silent on the matter for an additional, excruciating, 24 hours. In those 24 hours of … [Read more...]

Glory Be to Candor

October 24, 2009. I had to check my journal-blog to make sure, but that was the day when a bishop I already loved taught me a lesson I will never forget.I was in a YSA ward at the time, and we as a ward were going to take a year and visit all the temples in Utah at the time -- 13 of them (there are 15 now, as Brigham City and Payson hadn't been built yet). The temple of the month for October was Logan, and myself and a few other ward members were on the way back down to Salt Lake after … [Read more...]

I’m OK with being ‘only a sister’

It didn't hit me at first. I sat there during the Saturday Afternoon session of the most recent General Conference and listened to Jeffrey R. Holland's praisefest of mothers, not thrilled at the exclusivity he was showing but digesting it nonetheless. It wouldn't be until later that evening that the meltdown would come and I would wonder how to pull myself back together.Before going to bed, I had the realization that when I joined the LDS Church 15 years ago this month, *I* had broken *my* … [Read more...]

Mitt Romney Still Doesn’t Want to Talk About Race in the Mormon Church

So the guy who was in charge of getting Barack Obama elected both times, David Axelrod, recently sat down for an interview with Mitt Romney. Romney, you might remember, was pretty convinced that Obama didn't deserve a second term in office. So much so that he ran against him. You might also recall that Romney lost.So the man who basically orchestrated what may turn out to be the final word in Mitt Romney's political career just had a cordial chat with him for about an hour, and then uploaded … [Read more...]

The 5 Best References to Mormonism in the History of Television

So that Quantico show debuted a little while back. It's a show about FBI agents and stuff that critics seem to generally like, but Mormons are generally nervous about. Apparently there's a steamy hot Mormon hunk in the first episode who doesn't really make it to the second episode and there was a lot of anxiety over this because I guess his temple garments were visible in one scene (but less visible than originally intended, or something?).  Also, from what I gather the Mormon dude turns out to b … [Read more...]

Science and Religion

All men, regardless of race, religion, or cultural background all at some point wonder and question where they come from and what the point of existence is. Some try through science to answer the question, others through philosophy, and still others through religion. No matter how they try to answer it, they all have the question. And it is their desire to have the question answered so that they can go onto something else.For scientists, they use the scientific method to answer problems, … [Read more...]