What Should We Take Away From Slate’s Missionary Health Article?


We posted recently about the Slate piece by Mark Joseph Stern about missionary health care, and Jana Reiss’ piece at Flunking Sainthood in response. Both are worth a read, but the gist is that Stern reported that missionaries are often denied medical care in the mission field, and Reiss pointed out that his piece lacked some key information and relied instead on shock journalism, which undermined its potential positive influence in Church policy or culture. She's right, but there is something w … [Read more...]

Do Mormon Missionaries Get Shafted on Health Care?

Photo Courtesy of versageek, Flickr Commons

Mark Joseph Stern over at Slate just published an interesting article about the state of health care — or lack thereof — for Mormon missionaries. Stern reports that there is a large number of missionaries who "face serious obstacles in obtaining quality health care" and that this has led those on the receiving end of these oversights to become frustrated with the Church, even doubting its truthfulness.  It's an interesting piece that highlights some of the dangers associated with serving a mi … [Read more...]

Souls, not Skin: Why I stand with the 3 new Apostles


Yes, I admit the natural woman in me was somewhat dismayed that the 'white American standard' within the Quorum of the Twelve was preserved last weekend when three new Apostles were called and sustained. However, I chose then and continue to choose now to trust that it was the right thing to do and that the callings were of God and not of man. Where each of the three new Brethren spoke of how President Monson told them their calls were from Deity, it makes me wonder if those who are criticizing … [Read more...]

The saving habit: 123 weeks and counting


See the crazy world going by in front of the LA Temple there? See the peace and safety the temple projects from atop its little hill out along Santa Monica Boulevard? Don't you want that peace and safety in your own mind and heart and life? This is me encouraging you to do whatcha gotta do to get yourself there as often as possible starting now.123 weeks ago last night, I attended the temple for the first time in more than two years. Coming off more than a year and a half of inactivity, I … [Read more...]

Thank You, Elder Scott: Memories of an MTC Moment


Richard G. Scott was the first General Authority I ever met. While I was in the MTC, he came and spoke in the last Tuesday night devotional I was there -- the only Apostle my district got to see in our two months' time in Provo. Hearing of his passing this week took me back to the summer of 2003, when I was 21 years old and so excited to wear that black name tag, to teach and testify and sacrifice for the Lord as a missionary. It had been a tumultuous few months prior to my going to the MTC, but … [Read more...]

125 Years of the Manifesto – and an overlooked change in Mormon scripture

Wilford Woodruff and his Concilors in the First Presidency

 “It seemed to me to be the awfulest moment in my life," - wrote B. H. Roberts - "my arm was like lead when the motion was put; I could not vote for it, and did not.”¹ But his abstention in the 6 October 1890 General Conference wasn't taken into account. Both the Deseret News and the Salt Lake Herald coverage stated that the vote to approve the Manifesto had been unanimous, even though many members didn't raise their arms to support the document: … [Read more...]

Ben Carson’s Islamophobia Could Cost His Mormon Support

Ben Carson, photo by Gage Skidmore; Wikimedia Commons

The 2016 Republican nomination is turning into quite a spectacle, even when we’re not talking about Donald Trump. True, the Donald’s ridiculous xenophobia has set the tone for the race, but he’s not alone in sharing some outrageously racist opinions.Dr. Ben Carson’s campaign has been trudging along steadily. Recently, Carson topped the polls among Utah Republicans. Though his biggest news moment came this weekend when he expressed doubt in whether a Muslim would qualify for President. Carson … [Read more...]

Thomas, Meet Francis: The Glory of the Outsider-Leader

Jeffrey Bruno/Wikimedia Commons. Alterations by JFeinauer

I remember the day he was elected, feeling amazed that a non-European was finally going to be in charge. I'd been LDS for a long time by then, but the prospect of some new blood...an outsider of sorts, shaking things up in my church of origin...intrigued and excited me more than might be expected of a temple recommend-carrying Mormon. The past two and a half years since his accession have been the unfolding of what I consider to be a divinely-led series of reforms and refocusings, and with … [Read more...]