I Won’t Go to Church Unless Everyone is Welcome

There is a lot yet to be said about the Church's recent policy changes to Handbook 1 regarding the children of LGBT parents. A few writers here at Peculiar People are still processing this, and our perspectives and opinions are as varied as the church membership itself. This policy doesn't directly affect me, but it does people I know and love. I don't want to distract from their stories, but I thought this was as good a time as any to air out my issues with the Church's position.When it … [Read more...]

How I choose to see the revisions

I write this as a heterosexual person, one who is not directly affected by the new strictures in the Church Handbook of Instructions (CHI). For that reason, this is all very easy for me to say. I do not blame those who are 'closer to' this situation if their reaction is different from mine. I do not blame those who will leave. However, let's get one thing straight from the beginning: those who made this decision did not relish it. The Brethren do not look for ways to kick people out of the … [Read more...]

Is Brigham Young’s Hearse Residing in Disneyland?

I recently went to Disneyland for the first time since middle school, and in the week leading up to my visit I obsessively consumed as much useless trivia about the park and its history as I could find. Being the boring adult that I am, if I’m going to commit to a day in a theme park, I better know some of its back story.So of course I read the story about how the ghostly horseless hearse parked in front of The Haunted Mansion in Disneyland is the same vehicle that carried the body of B … [Read more...]

From the Archives: Ghost Stories

Editors Note: Welcome to Halloween Week at Peculiar People! The following is a post from historian and Peculiar People founder Matt Bowman from August 2013. Since it is a good recap of ghost stories from Mormon folklore, we thought we'd repost it to kick off our week of Halloween-related blogs. If you like stuff like this, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. I’m revisiting Judith Richardson’s Possessions: the history and uses of haunting in the Hudson Valley as I start thinking about ninetee … [Read more...]

Sister Wives’ Madison Brown’s Mormon Baptism Rejection, Explained

Confession: I actually really love the show Sister Wives. It is a pretty remarkable snapshot of American life that is uncommon, but it is also kind of an anti-reality show, designed not to hype up mundane existence into needless drama, but instead to normalize the lifestyle of the polygamist Brown family, proving that not all polygamists are cultish creeps like Warren Jeffs.The problem, it appears, is that the mainstream Mormon church isn’t buying this show’s premise. The Browns are members o … [Read more...]

Scandal on the Mormon Ranch

In case you haven't heard, the LDS Church is currently involved in a rather large land development project in Florida. According to a recent report by The Associated Press, the plan is as such: Over the next six decades, the plan being developed by the Mormon church-owned Deseret Ranch promises to convert the largest undeveloped section of metro Orlando into more than a dozen bustling neighborhoods. In the process, it would radically reshape Osceola County, a suburb that has been transitioning … [Read more...]

What Should We Take Away From Slate’s Missionary Health Article?

We posted recently about the Slate piece by Mark Joseph Stern about missionary health care, and Jana Reiss’ piece at Flunking Sainthood in response. Both are worth a read, but the gist is that Stern reported that missionaries are often denied medical care in the mission field, and Reiss pointed out that his piece lacked some key information and relied instead on shock journalism, which undermined its potential positive influence in Church policy or culture. She's right, but there is something w … [Read more...]

Do Mormon Missionaries Get Shafted on Health Care?

Mark Joseph Stern over at Slate just published an interesting article about the state of health care — or lack thereof — for Mormon missionaries. Stern reports that there is a large number of missionaries who "face serious obstacles in obtaining quality health care" and that this has led those on the receiving end of these oversights to become frustrated with the Church, even doubting its truthfulness.  It's an interesting piece that highlights some of the dangers associated with serving a mi … [Read more...]