Review: Going Clear


David Cross once joked that Mormonism was the Scientology of its day. Like a lot of David Cross jokes, the punchline was nothing more than a widely dismissive statement that attempted to brush the two vastly different religions with one general stroke of snarky skepticism. When I heard it, laughing along at the jabs at Scientology, I squirmed awkwardly at the mention of Mormonism.Not my Mormonism, I thought. My spiritual experiences were hardly insubstantive, and couldn’t be reduced so c … [Read more...]

Consecrating the widow’s mite


The Filipino widow’s miteThe widow’s mite is a poignant story, but one in which we might be missing the point Jesus meant to convey. What if instead of admiring the woman’s sacrifice, he was instead lamenting that her condition was countenanced by the people all around her, particularly those with substantial means? What if he was criticizing both that the rich garnered public approbation for their generous donations made out of their surplus, and that the woman, after consecrating her all, … [Read more...]

HELP WANTED! International Mormon Studies Book Project

As Mormonism continues to develop internationally, so too does the field of Mormon studies. More and more foreign scholars are looking to do work in the area, but often lack the requisite resources. The International Mormon Studies Book Project is a new effort to provide critical resources for developing Mormon studies internationally by purchasing books to form a base Mormon studies collection at institutions where scholars have demonstrated a keen interest in doing research on Mormonism. … [Read more...]