My Peaceful Birth

Having been blessed with relatively uncomplicated births so far, I chose home birth again this time. I am not saying it is the right choice for everyone, but it was a great option for me. Once again we really enjoyed the great Midwife care we received here in Canada. Once again, my storytelling can be quite long-winded. And yes, this story contains accounts of body fluids and bodily functions, so if anything like that makes you uncomfortable, proceed with caution. The last few weeks of this pregnancy, my hands and feet were swollen, something that had never really happened to me before. So my wedding ring didn’t fit my finger and my feet hurt All. The. Time. I was getting … [Read more...]

Saturday Evening Post #15

Every month Elizabeth Esther invites us to share the latest and greatest from our blogs.This month I am sharing "I am not my parents" my post about a breakthrough I've had recently. I was initially afraid to post it, but was overwhelmed by the support from my readers.Head over to Elizabeth Esther and share something of your own, and discover other blogs. … [Read more...]

Researching Sexual Abuse Prevention

A few months ago, the girls and I were sitting in the car waiting for my husband. A fire truck went by, sirens blaring and Ms Action piped up from the back seat. “Mom! Mom! That fire truck is going to a fire! They will put out the fire so we can be safe.” We talked about fires for a bit, and then the car was silent for a moment.  She piped up again. “We need to keep our bodies safe too. My body is MY body, and nobody can touch my private parts.” I’d started this discussion a few months before and we had read the books and talked about it here and there. Now she was bringing it up on her own, unprompted. “You are right.” I responded. “No one can touch your private parts because they … [Read more...]

Quick Takes #34: New Baby Conversations

1.Ms Action: Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!!!Me: Yes?Ms Action: I want to hold the baby.Ms Drama: No! Me wants to hold the Baby!Me: You can hold him when she's done.3 Seconds go by...Ms Drama: Is it my turn now?Ms Pooky: No! No! Baby! (Patting her own lap)2.During every diaper change for the first week or so...Ms Drama: (Gasp!) His bum is broken!Me: No Honey, he is a boy, and boys have different private parts than girls do.Ms Drama: That is poop on his bum?Ms Action: No that's not poop. Boys just have "Peanuts" in their bums.Me: Um, I think you mean that a boy has a Penis.Ms Action: Yeah, boys have a "peeeee-nis" on their butts.3.Ms Drama: (Patting my belly) Your belly is getting smaller and … [Read more...]

The Pastor’s wife

I am the Pastor’s wife.I’ve seen him stress about preaching a sermon that just wouldn’t come together smoothly that week, and then heard his surprise after the Sunday service when someone thanks him for such a powerful message.I’ve seen him pour his heart and soul into a message, only to have it fall flat on Sunday morning. Or worse, be misunderstood by people who only ever hear their own agenda in anything that others say.I know when he is preaching his message to himself. And I know when he is having a hard time believing what he is preaching. He is never unorthodox, but some weeks it is a struggle to believe it all.I am the Pastor’s wife.I know when he makes it through a council meeting an … [Read more...]

I Am Not My Parents

This post has been finished for weeks, but for some reason I haven't felt brave enough to post it. I can't find anything else to tweak, so here I am closing my eyes and hitting publish.When I first started differentiating from my family, I was mostly angry with my dad, because I saw him as the enforcer of the ideas that promoted abuse in my home growing up. I remembered all the mind games and excesses, the hurtful statements and the spiritual manipulation. I felt like my mom was perhaps just an innocent bystander who was not strong enough to separate herself from his agenda.As I worked through a lot of the pain from my dad, I started to see both of my parents as victims in a way, … [Read more...]