Choosing Respect

I don’t really watch Dancing with the Stars, in fact, we just got rid of our cable last month. But I noticed that this particular season there was a flurry of news stories everywhere about one of the new contestants on this seasons show, and the comments on these news stories are shocking to me.The raging controversy was over the participation of Chaz Bono, a female to male transgendered person. Chaz lasted six rounds of dancing before receiving the dreaded combo of lowest scores and lowest number of votes and had to leave. But while he was a contestant, I saw an endless stream of news articles on this topic. Many of them complained about Mr Bono’s weight (size discrimination is a whole … [Read more...]

A story of a Pumpkin

We’d been married for several months when our first Halloween rolled around. At the Seminary apartments we lived in, we shared a porch with another young couple who were finishing their religious studies that year, and one day our neighbours put a Jack-o-lantern outside their door. We got home from wherever we had been that evening, and there it was, grinning wickedly between our door and theirs. My religious soul was offended, how could someone studying to be in the ministry be dabbling in such a occultist celebration? And the smiling pumpkin sitting on our shared porch could make people think that we celebrated this evil day as well, inviting trick-or –treaters to our house. And so, I … [Read more...]

Writer’s Block

I feel like I’ve been staring at a blank page for weeks. Words all jumbled together in my head, unable to organize into anything coherent. Dozens of times I’ve sat down to open the multiple posts that are almost finished. The one on body image, the gentle parenting posts, another post on gender roles. My post on how quiverfull theology is narcissistic, the one on suicide, the post on style and embracing who I am. I write a few sentences, and stop. I think about all the drama surrounding the discovery of my blog. People who have read my blog and now think they know me, people who haven’t read any of it but have heard about my blog and now think they know me. As if my blog is somehow the s … [Read more...]

Parenting Resources

So yes, I want to write. I have about a dozen half written pieces, including some that are almost complete. I just haven't been able to pull it together. Baby Boy has cut two teeth and the girls have been rather stir-crazy being in the house as the weather has gotten colder. We have been cleaning the house and baking cookies and zuchinni bread, reading books, dealing with emotional ups and downs and playing with ideas for the Holiday's.I've really been hoping to finish my next Gentle Parenting Tools installment, but since I haven't gotten to it yet, I figured that I would share the wealth of information that I've discovered and learned from. As you can see, I've … [Read more...]

Letters to my Dad

Recently in a box of old journals, I found a draft of a letter I wrote to my Dad. After I made a few spelling and handwriting mistakes I had written out a polished copy to give to him, and apparently I saved the original. It’s a letter I wrote for Father’s day 6 years ago, the month before I got married. I was about to turn 20. It’s painful to read in some ways, because it was written when I was still trying so hard to be the daughter they wanted me to be. It’s like reading something from another world. I address him as “Daddy”, and tell him what a strong leader he has been in my life, and express concern that it may be hard for me to “switch loyalties” to my husband because I am so used to h … [Read more...]

Am I an Atheist?

I haven’t had a moment where I’ve decided I don’t believe in God,  a “conversion” to some other position. My faith questions and doubts have been a journey that I’ve reflected here on my blog in several posts. But after my post on spiritualizing the night, I got several comments and emails asking when I had become an atheist. I am still thinking about this question, because I don’t really know the answer. I’m not even sure I am an Atheist.When does one become an Atheist? Does it happen when you don’t feel a spiritual connection with God? Is it when you start to disagree with stuff in the bible? Are you an Atheist when you associate with other Atheists? Or only when you declare … [Read more...]