Quick Takes #21

1.I've been trying to organize my blog a bit this last week, and I feel as though many of the posts I've written on religion/ministry could be seen as angry. This is complicated. Because I am angry in a lot of ways. I'm angry that my fundamentalist roots caused so much pain and misunderstanding in my own life. I get angry about the expectations of Christians towards everyone else. It may seem as though I have anger towards evangelicals and fundamentalists, and I would be lying if I said that I never felt that way. But I recognize that there are wonderful Christians in every church, I know many of them. And I feel as though our differences have good influence on each other. In the end, I am … [Read more...]

Memories of Grandpa

When I think of my Grandpa, there is always a little bowl of fresh fruit on the table. Always classical music playing softly in the background. To this day, when the weather is beautiful, I have a desire to open all my windows find the local classical radio station, you know, with that announcer's deep voice that almost puts you to sleep.I think of the way he lets you have bites of his Neapolitan ice cream, even after you've brushed your teeth and are on your way to bed. I think of that time he told us not to go into the upper level of the garage, and we did anyways because we were convinced that he was hiding something cool up there. Or the many many times he would come downstairs to go for … [Read more...]

The Dad he wants to be

Both my husband and I grew up in conservative Christian households, and we are both oldest children. We both grew up within an authoritarian patriarchal mentality. Dads work hard, Moms must stay at home and run the house and care for the children. Dads are the top authority in the home. In my home growing up, this meant that despite any disagreements my parents may have had, my Dad called the shots. Dad decided if and when any of us did anything. In my husband's home growing up, this meant that his Dad would claim "headship" authority whenever anything wasn't going the way he wanted.When we got married, I was determined to be a good, respectful wife to my husband. I wanted to meet his every … [Read more...]

Quick Takes #20 – The Great Sickness

What a week! All my babies are sick again. I think we caught it on vacation, because they were all coughing when we got home. But this week it all got worse.1.Early in the week, Baby Girl's fever was so high that I was scared enough to take her into the ER. This is my 3rd child, but it was my first visit to the ER. (I was surprised by the sheer amount of little boys with broken limbs in the waiting room!) After signing in, and waiting for over an hour, I was brought into the back rooms and they examined my baby and told me that they couldn't really pinpoint the cause, and they felt like the soft spot on her head felt like it was bulging (Which could be indicitive of meningitis!). And since … [Read more...]

Sleep Solutions

I'm guest posting today over at Sarah Reihard's blog.Please go over and check it out! And I would appreciate your prayers for Baby Girl, she is very sick and we are taking her into the Dr's today.*** Edited to add: Baby Girl's appoinment went better than expected (after that terrible trip to the ER last night) and we now have a prescription. We are hoping and praying that her health continues to improve!*** … [Read more...]

I’m the Mama I want to be, and that’s OK.

When my oldest was 2 1/2, I was chatting with a lady at church about how I "really should" take her pacifier away, but I was hesitant because I was sure that would be the end of Ms Action's afternoon nap. The lady responded that if the only thing keeping her napping was the pacifier, she was probably to old for a nap anyways. Instantly my Mommy hackles went up and I felt defensive, who did she think she was to tell me whether or not my baby needed a nap any more, heaven knows I needed Ms Action to take that nap!! It gets worse.Actually, I didn't have a problem with my daughter having a pacifier in the first place! She only got it for bedtime or nap-time, and it … [Read more...]