Small Successes #12

1.I took apart the bottom part of my dishwasher. I think it's part of the drain? Anyways, I pulled apart all the pieces and screens and emptied all the food chunks they had caught, and then scrubbed all the parts and put it back together and then cleaned the dishwasher by running a wash with a cup of vinegar. Wow did it need to be cleaned.2.I managed to cook a 16 pound turkey even though I'd forgotten about throwing out my last rusted 9x13 pan.3.I went to the Ladies Bible Study at my church and had to sit and listen to everyone talk about the previous minister and his wife and kids, and how great they were. And I didn't cry, and I still smiled and tried to be friendly. I did feel rather … [Read more...]

What my Grandma taught me about body image

As I paused from my little rant about how pregnancy had changed my body forever, my 80-year-old Grandma turned her head thoughtfully to one side. "You know?" She said. "I remember thinking that way. I would feel so ugly, and complain and complain about how I looked. I couldn't understand how my husband could be attracted to me." I nodded, leaning forward as I expected some sympathy. "That was before I realized how stupid I was being." she continued. "At 30 years old I complained and hated how I looked." "Then at 40 years old I looked at the pictures of myself at 30 and thought about how good I had looked then. I was miserable about how much older I looked at 40 years old!" "And then at 50 … [Read more...]

Everything I forgot I knew about 1/2 year old babies

The way they insist on sitting in your lap when you are eating dinner. And watch in awe as every single bite travels to your mouth. You can just see the longing in their eyes, and in the way they are always grabbing your plate. How they crawl behind you as you try to make lunch, wailing pitifully because they are really tired and just need to go take a nap right now! How they stop nursing to have sweet conversations with you. The way they snuggle softly into your neck when they fall asleep. How incredibly fast they can get around! The way they giggle when you trip, cough, hop or do something else equally random. How angry they get when you have to take something away from them. How many … [Read more...]


It's all over the news, and I've felt as though I didn't know how to say what I wanted to say.Lerin at Beautiful Chaos says it beautifully.Abuse is wrong. When people in authority take advantage of the ones in their care, that is wrong.When people expect their leaders to be perfect and blindly trust them to be sinless, that is wrong.When abuse is covered up or explained away, that is wrong.Abuse has been a part of humanity in all times, places and churches, and it has always been and always will be WRONG. I pray that the Catholic Church will take this seriously and make the changes that need to happen.** I'm editing this post to add a link to Jen at Coversion Diary, … [Read more...]

Breakfast Conversation

2 year old: "Yummy!"3 year old: "It's not yummy, it's cereal."2 year old: "Yummy!" 3 year old: "It's not yummy, it's cereal!"2 year old: "Yummy! Yummy!"3 year old: "IT'S NOT YUMMY IT'S CEREAL!!"Mommy (From the couch where she is still struggling to wake up): "Cereal is yummy."3 year old: "Ohhhh, cereal is yummy. OK."2 year old: "Yummy!" 3 year old: "Yeah cereal is yummy. Yum!"2 year old: "Yummy!"3 year old: "Yep, cereal is yummy."Silence.2 year old: "Apple!" 3 year old: "No, its not an apple, its cereal."2 year old (grinning): "Towel!"3 year old: "NOOOO! Its not a towel its cereal!" … [Read more...]

What we found at the library #2

    My Favorite: What Baby Wants is the cutest book. In this book Mama is tired, so she leaves the baby with lots of loving relatives while she goes to bed. When the baby gets upset each relative attempts (in more and more ridiculous ways) to help baby feel better. Someone does eventually figure it out. I just love the pictures in this book too, they are so sweet!Hubby's favorite: I found Say Daddy a bit wordy, but the kids stayed enthralled and my husband liked it. A little bear has books read to him by various family members who all want their name to be his first word. He surprises them all by having a first word of his very own. The little bears's … [Read more...]