What is success anyways?

I hear it all the time. A woman gushing on and on about her grown children. She has a daughter who is a surgeon, she works with young cancer patients, she has so much talent and gives so much! Oh! And her son composes music for some of the big time singers, he even lives in Nashville with his wife and 2 children, it looks like his kids are going to be gifted in music too. And then there is her other son. He is a plumber. That's all I know about him, she has never shared anything more.Or the woman who is embarrassed to admit that her daughter is a single mom who works as a waitress. Of course her daughter wanted to be a stay at home mom, but that's just not possible now. Or the daughter that … [Read more...]

Dinner and Drama

I'm making my husbands favorite dinner and it's proving to be quite a task. Sometimes when I am cooking, the stars align and all the babies happen to be distracted by library books or tucking in their "sick" teddy bears over and over. But usually they all want to be in on the action, and that is the case today. Baby Girl is crawling in circles at my feet, Ms Drama is hanging on my leg and Ms Action is dragging a chair over to the counter to "help". After chopping the onion I retrieve the carrots from my daughters who have carefully bitten the ends off and are gnawing away. (Why is dinner always being made when everyone is hungry?) I slice up the carrots, all the while telling my 3 year old … [Read more...]


This post has been in the works for weeks now, and it just isn't pulling together the way I thought it would. So I think I'm just going to post it as is, please bear with me.Tithing can be a controversial topic depending on the church. Most churches do not insist on a specific tithe. Some evangelical groups would cite the old testament passages in the books of the law to say that God requires a %10 Tithe of income.The New Testament talks alot about money being unimportant in the lives of Christians. Jesus talks about it being easier for a Camel to go through the eye of a needle that for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. The Apostle James talks at length about being careful not to treat … [Read more...]

Quick Takes #12: Or the way Toddlers think

1. When you try to catch the vomit of sick toddlers in a large empty ice cream bucket, they will become convinced that the said puke bucket is the very thing that is actually causing their misery. So they will run away whenever they see it coming towards them, resulting in vomit all over everything you were seeking to save by introducing the puke bucket in the first place. 2. When toddlers ask why the lady in the picture Bible is crying, and you explain that her name is Hannah and she is crying because she doesn't have a baby, they will think that every other person who happens to be crying in the pictures is equally upset about the lack of babies. (Which is often the case in Bible stories … [Read more...]

My love-hate relationship with modesty

I grew up in a home that took modesty seriously. I remember wearing only dresses almost my entire childhood. As a child I loved it for the most part. I loved the swishy feeling of the skirts around my legs. I loved how pretty and ruffly my clothes were. Sometimes it was annoying to be in a skirt when trying to play soccer or doing outdoor chores. I never liked the way my modest dress/bathing suit moved shapelessly around my body instead of sticking to me in the water, I remember having to pin the bathing suit to my shorts to prevent it from slipping over my head. And sometimes we got lots of questions about what we were wearing and why, and then got labeled as religious fanatics.But I … [Read more...]

Plateau or Practice

The teacher came into the college classroom and silently placed a small pot onto the table. She measured some dirt into the pot, added a tiny seed, and carefully covered it up with dirt. Then she watched the pot. Not surprisingly nothing happened. We looked at each other amused, where was she going with this?She pretended to consult a book and then carefully watered the pot. She looked at her watch impatiently. Nothing happened. She looked out over her class and asked "What am I doing wrong? Why isn't it growing yet?" Several students threw out a few answers "It needs sun", "You just have to wait", "It takes time". The teacher nodded thoughtfully and started her lesson."How many of us will … [Read more...]