Quick Takes #19 – Amusing Toddlers

I am always looking for ways to keep my toddler's busy, so here are some of the ways I keep things going around here. Do you have any ideas that have worked for you? Share them in the comments! :)1.Go for a walk. This is by far the best option for keeping small children busy and simultaneously wearing them out. It gets me outside and moving (which I really love but always neglect) and never fails to improve every one's mood. It also gets me away from the chores or anything else that could distract me from giving my complete attention to my kids. But sadly, when the weather is terrible (like it has been this week where I live), or people are sick, this is not an available option.2.Play house. … [Read more...]

Small Successes #15

Small Successes is hosted at Faith and Family Live!1.Unpacked after our vacation. Cleaned the bathroom and did the dishes this week. And I am almost caught up in laundry. It feels good to be back on top of things for the most part after the chaos of a trip.2.Spent some awesome time reconnecting with my Hubby almost every evening this week. Which was a good thing because he will be working every night for the rest of the week. Goodbye Hubby! See you on Monday. :(3. I've decided that I really want to start reading my Bible again. It's hard enough to get time with God each day when you are a mother of 3 small children. Add all … [Read more...]

The Snack

I hate bugs. I try to pretend like I don't, I try not to react to dramatically to finding bugs, because don't want my kids to think that they are anything to be afraid of. But deep down, I detest them. And I am not sure why. As a child I loved bugs, I was the kind of kid that felt bad when my dad killed a wolf spider. I caught lighting bugs and ladybugs, and ran to show my mom caterpillars, and rescued crickets (with my bare hands!) out of the house to release them back into the wild. But no longer. Something must have happened to me at some point, because now I do not like bugs. When we moved up north, there were some definite environmental changes. I had never experienced a -40 winter … [Read more...]

Saturday Evening Post #4

The first Saturday of each month Elizabeth Esther invites us to share our favorite post from our blog in the last month. It's a great way to find new blogs! If you would like to read other's latest and greatest, or share your own, hop over to Elizabeth Esther.It's always tough for me to pick just one from the last month. I didn't think I had written anything that special this month, but then when I looked through the posts I really liked almost everything I posted. I guess I only write about stuff that really interests me. :)  Anyways, in the end I chose my post on Sexuality and the Church, because it is something I am really thinking about right now, and because I plan on finishing the … [Read more...]

Quick Takes #18 Vacation Edition

Wow! Been gone for 10 days, and without Internet for the last 6! Now we are finally home and instead of unpacking the boxes and bags piled in my kitchen, I am sitting on the computer. The need to write is almost suffocating me, so I think I will do some Quick Takes and hope that gets the writing bug out of my system for a bit. To read more Quick Takes (or share your own) hop over to Conversion Diary!1.Before we left, we watched 7 Pounds. I do not recommend it. Of course the acting is very good, and from everything I had heard it was supposed to be a brilliant movie. Too bad I didn't read a spoiler ahead of time! The whole movie is about this guy that commits suicide and donates many of his … [Read more...]

Quick Takes #17

Here are my Quick Takes for the week! I apologize in advance for the poop stories.To see more Quick Takes or share your own, head over to Conversion Diary!1.Baby Girl has a hard time going to sleep with anyone else in the room, so I often turn on cartoons for the girls while I nurse her and put her down for her nap. One day this happened later than usual and Ms. Drama was NOT happy to be left in the living room, so she threw herself in the hallway outside my bedroom door and screamed. I just crossed my fingers that everything would be OK for a second while I put the baby in bed. After a moment though, I heard Ms. Action's voice saying cheerfully "You need to skeam right now? OK, then you … [Read more...]