Quick Takes #11- Links Edition

So I have excited news. My family is coming up to visit me!! I am so incredibly excited! This is the first time they have been able to make it up to my place since we moved so far away. So, needless to say, I won't be on next week. I have another Catholic post in the works (sometimes these things take forever to write!), but it will have to wait until a week or so from now. Since I won't be around, I figured I would use this Quick Takes to share some of my favorite posts from my Blog, feel free to click around and read. And yes, I love comments, even on older posts. Or feel free to email me. Talk to you in a week!1.Last year one of my first posts was about body image. This is something I … [Read more...]

The Results of Budgeting

I've talked about before and after the budget, deciding I needed a budget, How I got started, and now I'm going to try to finish it all up here. I was convinced that living on a budget would be so hard, and I have to admit that it was at first. I was very used to impulse buying and snacking. I can't count the times I fingered the money in my pocket while thinking about buying a perfectly good set of sheets (that was on sale!) and the only thing that kept me from doing it was if I did, there would be no more grocery money for that month. It was so bad, that at first whenever I got up to the checkout lane, I would have to empty my cart of all the unnecessary items that would put me over … [Read more...]

Fighting the Blues

I drag myself out of bed at 6 AM and start putting together breakfast for my eager toddlers. Hubby is out of town for business, so its just me lately. The days seem so much longer when he isn't around. I find myself forgetting to talk as much. And why bother making a whole dinner since he won't be here to help eat it, I guess we can have cereal again. At least we have a birthday party to go to this morning, that will kill part of the day, and give me some adults to talk to. The gift is already wrapped set aside with the little homemade card. This should be fun. I have plenty of time, it's only 7 and we don't have to be there 'till 9:30. So I curl up with the laptop and poke around blog world … [Read more...]

Saturday Evening Post #3

Every month Elizabeth Esther invites us to share our favorite blog post from the previous month and read posts from others. Hop over to read more entries and share your own.I'm not sure why it is always hard to pick just one post, but in the end I decided to share my "Why God?" post. I wrote it in a few frustrated moments time, no prep or days of writing on this one. So I was blown away by all the encouragement I received in both the comments and email. … [Read more...]

Quck Takes #10 – Question edition

1.Does anyone else see and fix mistakes in their blog posts after they've already been published? I will check and re-check the spelling and sentence structure of my posts, and without fail I end up going back to change something. Maybe I'm just obsessive.2.Do you get caught up in what they are doing with their kids and get frustrated when the child doesn't do it right? This is very silly of me, but when we are reading, and they are trying to turn the page too soon or even skip pages (!) I can let it drive me crazy. I have the book memorized for crying out loud (and so do they for that matter) if they don't mind hearing it out of order, I guess I shouldn't mind reading it out of order.3.Does … [Read more...]

Small Successes #11

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So over at Faith and Family that's what we do every week. 1. Had a successful grocery trip alone with 3 children. Amazingly no one cried, screamed, whined or had to pee. 2. Moved that mountain of stuff (from the rest of the house) that was collected in my room to the basement. Where I will continue to sort and give it away. I am so excited that my house is almost completely de-cluttered and organized! (With the exception of my basement of course!) 3. In the process of writing this blog post on small children, I realized that I have a system that works pretty well for me at the m … [Read more...]