It is enough to be Free

There are dirty diapers on the floor, rolled up and waiting for someone to notice them and move them to the overly stuffed garbage can. Kids books are piled all over the couch along with two half-eaten bananas. There are french fries under the table and paper plates all over the counter. Somehow children’s clothing is scattered across the entire room again, along with small piles of sand and the random rock or two that fell out of their clothing when they stripped it off. A few withered dandelions lay on the rug. My body is still foreign to me, old curves and new ones, stretched muscles and skin with nothing inside to fill it out anymore. But....The sun is out. The trees are just s … [Read more...]

Post Partum Lawn Care Observations.

In our neighbourhood, we are surrounded by people who take lawn care more seriously than we do. Lawn care for my husband involves putting on sturdy shoes or boots and locking the kids in the house (all part of his paranoia about lawn mowers abilities to cut off limbs) and then cutting the grass with our push mower. He is usually done in about 20 minutes (our lawn isn’t very big) and he repeats the process about once a week. Five days after baby boy’s birth, I spent the day resting on the couch (while my husband made his token appearance at church) and watching our neighbour across the street care for his lawn. His process was dramatically different. Around ten in the morning, he came out … [Read more...]

Baby is Here!

Our baby BOY arrived healthy and strong on his due date, (the evening of May the 10th) after 3 1/2 hours of labour. Everything went smoothly and we are recovering nicely.The big sisters are super excited and convinced that the baby is going to be up and crawling and playing with toys momentarily.Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers! Of course there will be more details to follow. I may post a few pre-written thoughts over the next week or so if I get some down time. … [Read more...]

Saturday Evening Post #14

Hop over to Elizabeth Esther's blog to read the latest and greatest of some new bloggers,and maybe share one of your own.I wrote a lot this month. I started my series on Gentle Parenting, and I finally finished my Courtship Series.I decided on sharing my post "All in the Perspective". … [Read more...]

Is there really a whole person in there?

Sometimes I can’t believe I’m about to have a baby. Don’t get me wrong, I am HUGE right now. Due to go into labour at any moment really. My hips hurt, my pelvic bone hurts, my lower back hurts. I’m hungry, but can’t fit much more than a snack inside my squeezed stomach at the moment. I have heartburn. I can’t sleep at night and I’m tired during the day. So I understand that I am nine months pregnant, and that means I’ll be having a baby shortly. But most days, it just seems like I will be pregnant forever. Haven’t I always had a hard time pulling myself off of the couch? Haven’t I always had to pee like every hour? You mean there was a time that my stomach didn’t do strange contortions? … [Read more...]

Financial reasons to not have children

Be forewarned, this post is extremely sarcastic, maybe it's because I'm nine months pregnant. I don't know.If I hadn’t found this article on MSNBC, I would have been convinced it was a joke on The Onion. First let me say that I understand that children cost money, I take that seriously. That will always be one of the things we consider before expanding our family, and it’s one of the reasons we wrestle with how large of a family to have. I also understand that losing a job can be a very scary thing, and can definitely impact your ability to provide for your family. That being said, the examples in this article are completely ridiculous. First off, the survey was of households that make less t … [Read more...]