Quick takes #8

1. I mentioned my friend who was in the the process of adopting an Orphan from Haiti when the earthquake hit. Well thank you so much for all your prayers! They were able to take their little boy home with them last week. He is adjusting well and loving all his new siblings! Praise God!2.I am so happy January is over!!!! What a blah, boring, cold, nasty month. February isn't promising to be much better, but at least its not January.3.My baby girl is 3 this week! Well, she's not really the baby anymore, but she's still my baby. :) I am so blessed to be her mommy! Her enthusiasm for life and the way she takes joy in such simple things make my day. And the solemn way she repeats things we say is … [Read more...]

Small Successes #8 & What we found at the Library

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, Faith and Family does exactly that. Go here to check out more small successes and be encouraged.1.Started my cloth daipering again, if I stick with it maybe I can use the daiper money in my budget for something else! I can't believe it took me almost 5 months to get back to it!2.I am still alive and functioning after a long week of babies waking up coughing in the night. (Hopefully they will be doing better in the coming week)3.Cleaned off my counters and wiped them down. Anyone that knows me knows that this is a big accomplishment! Although there is a … [Read more...]

More things people say

I've never found out the gender of the baby with any of our pregnancies. Not that there is anything wrong with it, in fact I am usually very tempted to find out right about the time that I'm far along that would be possible to see. But, I like the surprise at the end, so I stick it out.So, when people ask "Do you know if it's a boy or girl?" I have to say no. The next question is usually "Do you want a boy or a girl?" And my answer is "I don't really care". I really don't. Oh yes, it would be fun to get a boy eventually, but I love my baby girls, and it is so fun to see the girl gang grow! So I would be completely happy with another girl, or a boy.Then comes the phrase that has started … [Read more...]

Searching for Jesus

My dream begins with a deep felt frustration. I find myself in 'the house' again, the same house I always end up in when my dreams are distressing.It's roomy and cavernous and empty feeling, and yet the walls seem to press in on me. Familiar and yet unfamiliar. It's kind of a creepy place, and usually it is in the middle of nowhere, but in this dream 'the house' is in a city.I am looking for Jesus in my dream. I search through 'the house', but most of the rooms are empty, and I can't find Jesus anywhere. I feel oppressed, dark, heavy. As if I am carrying a huge burden. Why can't I find Jesus? There aren't even any images of Jesus around. The walls are empty. I can't even find my rosary (the … [Read more...]

Quick Takes #7 (Or The Hidden Lives of Toys)

The stuffed animals at my house have personalities. 1. For example, not only does this monkey have a sense of style and look perpetually amused; She must have a pretty good relationship with the baby, since she has borrowed her clothes again.2. The fact that this guy is the biggest stuffed animal we own has earned him the place of defender of all other stuffed animals from all kinds of harm. Such as vacuums and imaginary monsters.3. This Baby doll is always hungry. At least that's the only conclusion my daughters have come to about her gaping mouth. They are forever sharing a variety of foods with this doll, which I later fish out of her mouth with the handle of a spoon.4. This bunny has … [Read more...]

Small successes #7

1. Sorted and containerized my bathroom. I've been hoping to get this done for a long time. You should have seen the HUGE bag of half-used and never used products I got rid of. I streamlined down to stuff that is actually used, separated it by category, and grabbed some containers at the dollar store. Nope, they aren't the pretty baskets with matching cloth liners that cost $15 a piece. But they fit well in the space I have, seem pretty sturdy, and they do the job. 2. Did stuff with my kids. Like read a million books, color in coloring books, make muffins, paint with water colors, let them help me clean up stuff. Yeah, I try to have the patience to do this every week, but I just figured I'd … [Read more...]