The Rights of a Child

The following is one of my few rants I’ve allowed myself on this blog. But don’t take my word for it, watch the fear-mongering preview yourself, and be sure to read the UN convention as well.Cue the scary music, flashy lighting, and sobbing parents... Michael Farris is at it again. Can you believe that our government doesn’t provide exclusive rights in the constitution for parents to control every single aspect of their child’s life? Even worse (Dun... Dun... Dun...) the USA might decide to sign the UN conventions rights of a child at any time, and then Christians probably won’t even be allowed to be parents anymore. (Never mind that every other country in the world has agreed to t … [Read more...]

Thank You

A photo a blog reader sent me, of the "hands holding me up in prayer" I started this blog over a year ago. I had moved to a new country, and just had my third baby, and I was lonely. I never thought it would be anything much. Just a place to maybe chat with some people and maybe make a few friends, but it turned into much more than that.After a few months, I re-discovered my love of writing, something I had believed I wasn’t able to do. And over as time went on, as I continued to write, I suddenly began tapping into feelings that I hadn’t allowed myself to feel. A visit down to see family last summer cracked open the dam, and my little mommy blog turned into something different, as I began w … [Read more...]

Boys and Girls aren’t different, they’re just individuals

This is a topic close to my heart, and I’ve been thinking about it and planning a post for some time. So when I saw this post today, I was prompted to finally put together my thoughts.Calah argues that men and women are different, and that men are largely persecuted for being men. I agreed with her point on how men are mocked in the media today, but I pretty much disagreed with everything in her post. Aside from the fact that women are mocked in the media as well, (Haven't you seen those stay-at-home moms in the commercials who magically have it all together because they bought air freshener? Or the woman in the weight loss commercial bemoaning the fact that she "used to be pretty" and n … [Read more...]

Never thought I’d be here

This week was Vacation Bible School at our church, And since Ms Action is old enough to attend this year, I spent every morning at church helping out the volunteers.We’ve gone to the final program each year as the Pastor’s family, and I’ve always had mixed feelings. I wasn’t allowed to participate in those types of programs as a child, the songs were considered ungodly by my parents, and they certainly couldn’t allow someone else to teach me anything about God. So watching those programs always reminded me of my determination to be part of community for my children’s sake. This year was different. This year I am having a hard time believing in God at all. So going to the program each morning … [Read more...]

Anniversary Musings

My husband and I have an abnormal story. And now that I look back, I realize that getting married with intense parental pressure and control after being in a relationship for a total of 2 ½ months (including courtship and engagement) gave us a pretty rocky start. Six years later we still love each other, and I’ve often wondered how on earth we managed to grow together through all the changes in our life!? I think it helped that we are from similar backgrounds, we are close in age and both became disillusioned with fundamentalism at around the same time. I also think that because we literally had never lived our own lives at all, (we had always been under parental control) we sort of gr … [Read more...]

Guilt, fear and parenting choices.

Once upon a time, I had to stop reading “Biblical parenting” books and websites after I made the decision to quit spanking. If I read them, I would become frightened, and wonder if I was failing my children. With almost 2 years of gentle parenting under my belt, I have reached the confidence level where I can handle reading about other types of discipline. But now I find myself filled with anxiety and pain over homeschooling. Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept. I’m glad that families choose to homeschool. Some of the gentle parenting blogs I follow also homeschool, and I’ve had a lot of fun reading about cool projects or ideas related to homeschooling.But when I come across blog posts tha … [Read more...]