I was homeschooled, but I don’t think I’m going to homeschool my children

I’ve written before about how most of the reasons my parents chose to homeschool have no appeal for me, and you’d think that would be the end of the topic. But in reality this is a question I continue to wrestle with. I can get so stressed even thinking about it, that I have to force myself to take breaks from researching and debating the various options for educating our children. I was always told that parents that really love their children would make the choice to homeschool. And I’ve heard enough of the anti-school stories from homeschool parents that I get fearful of my kids growing up to hate me because I dared to send them to such a terrible institution. I was homeschooled from day on … [Read more...]

All in the perspective

The other day we were all outside enjoying the sunshine, and my daughter found the first dandelions of the year. She loved them! She showed them to me and her dad and her sisters. She rubbed them along her cheek and exclaimed about how beautiful and soft they were! She was overjoyed when I told her that she could pick any dandelions she wanted, whenever she saw them.Later, the sweet older lady from down the street dropped by to chat. When my daughter pulled the beloved crushed dandelions out of her pocket to show off her treasures, “Amma” told her that those flowers are yucky weeds. Ms Action’s face changed, she looked at the flowers in her hand puzzled. I interjected, hoping to change the pa … [Read more...]

Religious conversation, and the meaning of Faith

We were heading out the door for a Good Friday dinner with a church family, and Ms Action wouldn’t stop asking questions. “Who’s birthday is it?” (If we are going to a “party” it must be someone’s birthday right?)“It’s not anyone’s birthday. Today is Good Friday, the day when Christian’s believe that Jesus died.”“Jesus died on the cross?” (Must be info from Sunday school, because I don't remember talking about this with her.)“Yes, Jesus died on a cross.”“Why did Jesus die?” “Jesus died because some people didn’t like what he taught, so they killed him for something he didn’t do.”“On a cross?”“Yes. It was a long time ago, people don’t die on crosses anymore.”While we were heading to the car, s … [Read more...]

Strength in “Weakness”

I could hear Ms Action wailing before my husband reached the top of the stairs. “Why is she always changing her clothes? Like 40,000 times a day!” he huffed. Yes, our 4 year old loves to dress up. She changes her clothes all day long, and tends to leave the discarded outfits wherever she stripped them off, making for quite a mess. My husband had found her changing her outfit again and yelled at her.I have to admit I giggled. You see, my husband loves clothes. He is picky about what he wears, he has been known to change his outfit in the middle of the day, and he looks forward to those rare times that we get the chance to go clothes shopping.“Um, honey? Do you really think yelli … [Read more...]

Fundamentalism in every Religion

It’s a bummer, but I’ve finally come to the conclusion that there is fundamentalism in every religion.I’ve looked into so many different branches of Christianity, and other religions, and even atheism, and it’s all the same. In every group there are the inevitable small but very vocal few who insist that they have figured out the only true way, and feel the need to ridicule and mock everyone else’s choices.I grew up in that circle. We were Fundamentalist Protestants who knew it all. We had the undeniable truth revealed to us by the Holy Spirit, and if other people were only as open to the Spirit as we were, they would understand the same “truth”. Coming out of that, at first I was determined … [Read more...]

Pregnancy thoughts and guesses

I am 36 weeks along, and this pregnancy has been going well. In many ways this pregnancy has been the same as my others, and in many ways it has been different. So I thought I’d take some time to put it all in a post.I am told every time I go anywhere that I am huge. People are usually shocked that I am not due tomorrow. I am feeling rather large, but then again, I have always been big with every pregnancy. I’m already down to only a few shirts that are long enough to cover my belly, and I usually save them for when we go somewhere. So around the house the bottom of my stomach is usually peeking out of the bottom of my shirt, which my husband finds hilarious. I may have to break down and buy … [Read more...]