Saturday Evening Post #13

Each month Elizabeth Esther invites us to share the latest and greatest from our blogs. I've written a lot this month! I've been writing my Courtship Story, and it's almost finished now. It has been good fro me to write about it.I wrote a post on my Nightmare's about God and I was shocked to get so many comments! Thank you so much for your support even in such a strange topic.I settled on sharing my "Not Perfect, But (I hope) Beautiful Anyway" because perfectionism and the health of mothers are topics that are close to my heart. And I still wrestle so much with wanting to be perfect.Head over to Elizabeth Esther's Blog to read more great entries and maybe share your own! … [Read more...]

Quick Takes #33: Strange conversations at our house

1.In the car:Ms Drama: That was my fart.Me: You can say “Excuse me”.Ms Drama: Excuse me!Ms Action: You can still be a princess though. Even if you fart.Ms Drama: Yeah. Did you fart too?Ms Action: Yes. Excuse me!2.During clean up time:Ms Action: That little man goes in the dollhouse.Ms Drama: Should I put him in the bed?Ms Action: No, put him on the potty, because he has to go lots and lots and lots of pretend poo poo.3.In the car:Ms Action (shrieking!!): Mom! My coat unzipped again!!!Me: I’m sorry that happened, we will fix it when we get there.Ms Action: No! It’s not right! Fix it now!Me: Honey, sometimes coats don’t work the way they are supposed too. Like, my coat won’t zip at all right n … [Read more...]

The God Nightmare

I’m running through a large dark house. I’m terrified, wanting so badly to leave. But for some reason I am driven by an invisible force, roaming from empty room to empty room, looking for paper notes from God. The notes are supposed to help, give me peace and answers. But instead they are making everything worse. I am crying and dreading going into each room, but I go into the darkened room and search around with a flashlight until I find a pink paper heart with writing on it.“Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you."  I recognize it from James 4:8. I stumble sobbing to the next room and find the next note, it reads “Seek ye the lord while he may be found” , from Is … [Read more...]

Not perfect, but (I hope) Beautiful Anyway

I recently read a post stressing the importance of the image we present to others as mothers and Christians, that we should at least make an attempt to look pulled together and happy when we are in public, so that we can be a good witness. I realize that some people may be able to read something like that and see it as a healthy challenge, but for me it just made all of my perfectionist tendencies come raging back to the surface.So I wrote this post in an effort to preach to myself.I am a mom.I bath my children several times a week, and I make sure their hands and faces are clean several times a day.  ...But it wasn’t until we were out as a family that I r … [Read more...]

Discipline without Fear

We were at the grocery store, and it wasn’t the greatest day for Ms Drama. She did not want to sit in the cart, she wanted to walk. So she spent the entire time in the store hanging over the side of the cart and whining about how everything was wrong with the world. When we finally got up to the check out counter, she dropped her sippy cup on the floor for the third time, and her daddy picked it up and said in a serious voice “If you drop the cup again, I will put it away in the diaper bag.” Ms Drama nodded and took the cup, and I was smiling to myself when I happened to notice a Mennonite family waiting in the next line. The five small children clustered silently around their mother. A … [Read more...]

Burnt out on the Spiritual Drug

It always started with a strange crawling sensation in my scalp. I would see colors and textures flashing in front of my eyes, and then I would hear the voices. I could never understand what they were saying, but they were always angry. Loud angry voices, screaming at me in my head. Sometimes they would get so loud, that it was difficult to hear anything going on around me. It happened the first time when I was eight years old, and after it came back two or three times over the period of a month, I tried to explain to my Dad what was happening. Dad listened, and then told me very seriously that this was spiritual. Satan was trying to attack me. He knew because he experienced … [Read more...]