I’m Pregnant, and that’s OK

Lately, almost every day I reach a point in the evening where I throw up my hands and wail in despair “I don’t know what’s wrong with me!” To which my husband replies “I do”, and points to my round protruding belly.Now that might sound like he’s being mean, but really he’s not. My poor husband has been trying to convince me for months of the obvious fact that I am pregnant. More than that really, he’s been trying to convince me that it’s OK to be pregnant.You see, I hate being limited. I refuse to admit it when I’m on the verge of passing out after church on Sunday, and even when my husband suggests that I go take a nap while he watches the kids, I feel guilty for “wasting time” napping. I fe … [Read more...]

Saturday Evening Post #12

Each month Elizabeth Esther invites us to share the latest and greatest from our blog in the last month.I am currently in the middle of my Courtship series, so I think I will share the first post from that series.Be sure to head over and read some of the other great posts from last month, and be sure to check out Elizabeth Esther's blog as well. … [Read more...]

Reasons to Believe

Recently we were watching a movie depicting the story of a Jewish girl in Holland during the Holocaust. Over the course of the story, she lost her entire family as well as many friends, and became a resistance fighter herself. Experiencing loss after loss, toward the end of the movie she screamed “when will it all end!?”, and that line touched something deep inside my soul. The world is filled with so much evil; sex trafficking, abuse of children, abuse of ourselves. The list is endless. Religion seems to offer a way out, but sadly it often becomes the addiction that fuels further abuse, resulting in people who cannot love themselves and are hence incapable of loving others. People obsessed w … [Read more...]

Permission to Play

Adults have lots of things to juggle. Life can be complicated, filled with responsibility. We have to be able to keep the bills paid, the house clean, and everyone fed and clothed in order for life to keep going. Life is serious business, and it can feel like there is no time to waste doing things “unproductive” things that don’t matter in the long run. I know that I have always been a serious person, the one who makes everything come together on time and looking good. At a party you will be most likely to find me in the kitchen. I am comfortable there, I can’t say anything that could offend someone, I am doing something “productive”. Actually it’s taken me awhile to be OK with doing stuff th … [Read more...]

Knockin’ on Heaven’s door

I think that prayer can be a healthy thing. Every religion has prayer of some kind, and all of them claim to have had prayers answered by God. Prayer has a way of focusing inward to “find your center” and focusing outward to “calm your fears” and “let things go”. Even a non-religious person can practice a type of prayer moment when breathing deeply and/or counting to ten. And prayer or positive thoughts for someone who is struggling, can often lead to the concern and actions that contribute to helping that person through their tough time. I’ve heard prayer used as an encouraging moment of releasing stress and building each other up. And I’ve heard prayer used as a battering ram of m … [Read more...]

Awkward parenting moments

Recently at a church event, I was playing on the floor with my 2 youngest children and watching another young mom bundle her infant into her car seat. The woman’s 2 year old son (whom I will call “Kayden” in this story) was jumping excitedly in circle singing something to himself. Mom turned to son and asked him to grab his boots and put them on, Kayden hopped energetically over to the rug where all the snow boots were lined up and grabbing one boot in each hand spun in a circle with his arms flung out. Unfortunately, my 4 year old daughter Ms Action was standing close by and got whacked in the chin by one of the swinging boots. She looked stunned for a moment, and then trotted over to m … [Read more...]