“Success” and being an individual

At the ladies bible study, one woman talked about feeling as though they were done having children, but she wasn’t sure what type of birth control to use.Another spoke of her admiration for the Quiverfull families that could “put their family size completely in God’s hands and raise more children for Christ’s Kingdom” but added that she didn’t feel that she could handle raising as many kids as those families typically end up with.At that point another woman piped up, “I can be a good mom to the 3 I have, but I know that I could never take care of 10, I would go crazy.” She said it in a guilty way, as though she was ashamed to be stopping at “only” 3 children. Then I interjected and said to he … [Read more...]

When their parenting reflects yours

I’ve felt like a bad mom the last few weeks. I’ve run out of new and exciting ideas to be interactive. My kids and I are stuck in a rut of cleaning, reading, cartoons, and baking. Between the cold and the snow, and the head colds and fevers, we have been stuck in the house for what seems like forever. I’ve found myself being short with the kids, trying to get them distracted long enough to retreat into my own little cocoon of boredom, not even trying to come up with an interesting dinner, we can just have spaghetti again right? As I look around the messy house, filled with bored runny nosed children changing their clothes or going potty again just to break up the monotony, I start to won … [Read more...]

Saturday Evening Post #11

Each month Elizabeth Esther invites us to share the latest and greatest from our blogs. I always have a hard time choosing what to share, but this month I picked something that came together all on it's own.Typically it takes me weeks or month to write long or heavy posts. This time 3 posts came pouring out in one week, detailing my journey becoming a Mother after growing up Fundamentalist/Quiverfull.So I'm sharing #1 in that series. Please head over to Elizabeth Esther's blog to read other entries and maybe share your own. Plus stick around to read the rest of her great blog. … [Read more...]

Mama Health: Time and Money

A while back, my husband noticed my winter blahs, told me he would watch the kids and pushed my pregnant self out the door to spend an hour alone at a coffee shop. I had a blissful time spent drinking hot chocolate and writing in my journal. My husband wanted me to do it every week, but somehow I never went back. 2 years ago, I called a Chiropractor and asked what their prices were. (Ever since a car accident in my teens, my shoulder and arm tend to go numb if I sit in the same position for too long. Add 3 babies, and my back could use some help.) I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Chiropractic care here in Canada is a fraction of what it costs in the states, but I never made an … [Read more...]

I want to be an Atheist. Except…

I am not a good christian. I have doubts. I don't read much of my bible. I dread going to church. I rarely pray anymore. Maybe it’s the time of year, January has always been a rough month for me. Maybe it’s being pregnant and hormonal, I have been more sensitive lately. Whatever the reason, I just don’t feel as though I fit in the Christian Community. When people tell me of a life decision made because they “feel led by God”, I feel nauseous. When I hear people make endless judgements on why someone’s decision to separate from their abusive spouse is “against God’s will” I just want to slap them. When I hear mothers that are absolutely terrified of what faith and moral choices their … [Read more...]

Quick Takes #32: Sick Babies, Book Reviews, and a Pregnant Belly

1.Well, the Humidifier has been running constantly all week. Whatever this bug is, it seems to last about 3 days of coughing, snotting noses, and running a fever. Ms Drama is getting over it now, but Ms Action had a terrible day yesterday, and Ms Pooky is just starting to run a fever herself. So far, my husband and I have seemed OK, which is good because we are taking care of 3 sad snugly sick little people. The picture below pretty much sums up the week. (Minus the loads of dirty laundry and dishes that is, I decided to spare you a picture of that.)2.Since we were trapped in the house all week, and I spent alot of time on the couch with sick children piled around me, I k … [Read more...]