February in photos

The kids and I made a suncatcher.

February has seriously been the longest month ever.      Of course, I'm not including all the kids, because I don't really put pictures of them here. And this should include pictures of Haley at school and me at work. And maybe a few of me laying around in my pajama's aching and sick, because that's how I spent two weeks of this month. (It felt much longer.) Who else is ready for spring? … [Read more...]

Another Day in the Life…


 I get home from my job at midnight. After being on my feet for 7 hours, it felt really good to sit in the car for the short ride home and I stumble a little on the way to the kitchen door.  Mr. Punk is asleep on the living room floor with his little butt in the air, face smashed into his favorite soft blanket. I plunk into a chair and peel off my boots.  Haley gives me a mug of orange juice with pulp (my favorite) and we sit down to eat a snack together.  We talk softly about how my shift went; I made cereal bars and cookie dough and lasagna and had some fun conversations with my co-worker. We laugh when I realize that this is basically the first social interaction I’ve ever had other than c … [Read more...]

Back to Blogging (I hope)


When we first got married, we killed two television sets in a row without even trying. Apparently our luck with electronics has continued because this year I have used three different computers. First my Dell laptop had some issue with the power cord and it fried three cords in a row, and then it got a virus, so I bought a new security option. But the computer just got slower and slower and when the cord malfunctioned again, I gave up on using it anymore and resurrected a dinosaur of a laptop from 2002 and used it to write my Unwrapping the Onion series. It worked, but it was slow. It involved a process of typing and then waiting for a few seconds while whatever I had typed sl … [Read more...]

Still Here

I have had an unexpected but very welcome influx of visitors in the last few weeks. Haley’s cousin, my sister and then my brother all came up to see us right in a row. All the visits went wonderfully and I have been spending most of my time away from the computer which means I am not writing much at the moment. So while I am busy I figured I would put up a kids update post, hopefully I’ll be back to regular posting soon. 5 year old Ms Action got to try out a rock climbing wall this month, she was the youngest kid there who made it all the way to the top and hit the buzzer. Recently, while explaining her neighbor friend’s mood swings to me, she said “He was very super annoyed because h … [Read more...]

Say Hello to the New Digs


I have been trying to put together a post for 2 days, and my sickly kiddos have been doing everything in their power to stop me. So this is not a real post, just a "I'm still alive but somewhat overwhelmed and still trying to figure out how this new website works" post. I've been trying to update everything and move everything from the old blog. I don't think the re-direct is working yet, but it should be soon. My "About Me" is written, but not up yet, and I am still looking for a picture to put in my profile. It should all come together for me though, I find that once I've had a couple weeks to work at something it usually starts to come more easily. So even if things are a bit rocky for th … [Read more...]

Taking a break…

Call it a blogging fast, call it a computer fast, but I am going to be gone for a little bit. I'm not sure how long I will need. A day, a week, I don't know. But when everything on the computer starts to feel angering or depressing, I know it's time for me to take a break.  It is going to be a hot week anyways, which means my ancient computer will be overheating and shutting itself off after 20 minutes of use, which would just piss me off even more! Eventually you start to feel like you've banged your head against the brick wall long enough, and it's time to go out in the sun.I'm sure it won't last forever. I still love to write. I have a list of post ideas and several … [Read more...]