We made cookies: A true story

We made frosted cookies with sprinkles together. 4 year old Ms Drama said “This was so much fun Mama!” Awwwww.That would be a facebook status version of what happened last night. Now I’ll give a little more detail so you realize what goes one behind the scenes of the average mother’s facebook status.For starters, we didn’t even make these particular cookies. We were given a box of day old baked goods, which included a box of plain sugar cookies with the frosting and sprinkles to add on your own. We got home around lunchtime, and I put the box of cookies up high to deal with later. We had also received a small tray of day old graduation cupcakes, frosted with terrifyingly bold black and red fr … [Read more...]

Seriously, You want to make this Soup

If this were one of my usual posts, I’d explain that it was one of those days. I had to bundle up all the kids into the car, drive to a building I’ve never seen before, find a parking spot in the city, feed the meter and pull a wagon with 2 kids in it for 6 blocks, wait in line with all 4 kids with only fruit snacks to distract them, navigate the public bathroom with all of them alone, run back to the car before the meter ran out, drive to our next destination in the rain, drive home, lug a sleeping baby, a crabby toddler and several large bags and boxes out of the car and into the house through the pouring rain. So after that, we just had a couple fun snacks, and lounged around the hou … [Read more...]