Life and Choice: Why Abortion Isn’t What I Thought It Was

I wrote this a while ago, and have been trying to pull together the time and energy to post it. Abortion is a very touchy topic, so let me just say here, I am not trying to tell anyone what to think about this issue. Also, I have never had an abortion myself, so I am not claiming to know what that experience entails. When I first started seeing links for the Gosnell trial, my first reaction was disgust and anger that this sort of mistreatment was going on for so long without any intervention. The second was surprise that this trial had been in progress for almost a month and I hadn’t heard a peep about it.Now granted, I don’t watch the news; I have enough stuff to worry about in my life … [Read more...]

You never know who is listening

Family was up visiting, and we had some church members over for coffee after church. During the conversation someone happened to mention the conservative parliament member that had just been elected in our area. They spoke of their hopes that this politician would be able to fight back against the gay marriage laws in the country of Canada, and then added that he doubted it would be able to happen, because "the press always accuses people of being homophobic" when they take unpopular religious stances on marriage.This is a typical conversation in my social circles. It doesn’t really bother me, people have differing political opinions that they feel strongly about. So this person feels th … [Read more...]

The Rights of a Child

The following is one of my few rants I’ve allowed myself on this blog. But don’t take my word for it, watch the fear-mongering preview yourself, and be sure to read the UN convention as well.Cue the scary music, flashy lighting, and sobbing parents... Michael Farris is at it again. Can you believe that our government doesn’t provide exclusive rights in the constitution for parents to control every single aspect of their child’s life? Even worse (Dun... Dun... Dun...) the USA might decide to sign the UN conventions rights of a child at any time, and then Christians probably won’t even be allowed to be parents anymore. (Never mind that every other country in the world has agreed to t … [Read more...]

Do we practice what we preach? Why I cannot be anti-gay rights.

I was recently in a conversation with my evangelical cousin. She is a very sweet loving person. She doesn’t hate gay people, but she knows that the Christian faith doesn’t approve. In Junior College she said that she was anti-gay rights in class, and was confronted by her classmates. She justified her political opinion with her religion. Reflecting on it later, she told me “its nice that you can blame it on your religion, then people don’t hate you so much.” In my mind I was thinking, “You’re right, maybe they don’t hate you, but they hate your religion. “Even if I accept the teachings of the Church that homosexual actions are sinful, I could never justify the discrimination Christians ha … [Read more...]

Christianity and Discrimination

I love what the Catholic Church teaches on Sexuality, I have never found any teaching so compassionate and yet true to what I have found in the bible as well as Church History and the way human bodies have been fashioned. And yet, I know that the mentality of hate exists within the Catholic Church as well as the Protestant Church.It frustrates me that despite the incredible teachings on paper there is still so much discrimination against fellow humans. Christians accuse homosexuals of turning a sin into an identity, but we do the very same thing when we mistreat them based on that sin. How come practically every other sin is "between you and God" but as soon as it is found out a person … [Read more...]

Sexuality and the Church Part 2

*Warning: The following may contain mature subject matter. If you are uncomfortable with, or offended by reading about sexuality, proceed with caution.*In the first part of this series, I talked about how the Church's restrictions on sexuality really bothered me. I felt like it was no one's business what I did in my bedroom, and I couldn't see any reason for boundaries. I had always been taught that Homosexuality was a choice, and I was still operating under that assumption. But that started to change as I had more exposure to the world outside of my upbringing. Why would anyone make a choice to be part of a persecuted minority? It seems like these atractions are just a part of them that … [Read more...]