Sexuality and the Church Part 1

*Warning: The following may contain mature subject matter. Delicacy has never been my strong point, so if you are uncomfortable with or offended by reading about sexuality, proceed with caution.*When I first started reading about the Catholic Church there were many things that I didn't like, in particular the teachings on sexuality bothered me. It may sound strange to you, but I was fine with no birth control. My husband and I had already decided not to use any artificial forms of birth control. Natural Law made perfect sense to me in that area, and I was excited to finally find a church that stood for life. I had no problem with the bans on adultery and/or sex before marriage. Both my … [Read more...]

What is Truth?

Its the question Pilate asked, but Jesus never really answered.Growing up, I was sure I knew. I was surrounded by people who were sure they knew.Truth was given to people who seriously read their Bibles, the Spirit revealed the truth to us. If other people came to different conclusions from their bible reading were being misled by the devil, because if they were truly reading the bible in the Spirit, they would come to the same conclusions as we had. There were very few people who really knew "the truth".One of the things that has drawn me to the Catholic Church is that they have an absolute truth claim that isn't founded on each individual's interpretation of the scriptures. … [Read more...]