Every once in a while when I get a bunch of small posts that aren't really big enough to be a post of their own, I do a hodge-podge post. So here's the latest. On the drive home from dropping people off in the morning. Ms Drama: Mom do you looove the hair on your chin?Me: Um, I don’t know? (What a weird question!)Ms Drama: You know, because it helps you win when you play video games. This is what comes of saying things like “I barely squeaked by there! Won by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin!”  **************************************** So I was at work doing dishes and my co-worker was on break. So I decided to call Haley and chat while … [Read more...]


Ms Action (5)- A few months back Haley and the kids were at the block party while I was at work, later I heard that they had a mini-talent show, and that Ms Action without asking for permission or telling anyone. went up to the microphone and announced that her talent was dancing, and then proceeded to twirl for the whole crowd. I got emotional when Haley was telling me the story, I have a daughter who is brave and confident. She didn’t have to worry about getting in trouble for doing something without asking, she didn’t have to worry about how her actions might reflect back on her family, she just likes to dance, so she went ahead and danced.Despite all my fears of the new territory of s … [Read more...]

Still Here

I have had an unexpected but very welcome influx of visitors in the last few weeks. Haley’s cousin, my sister and then my brother all came up to see us right in a row. All the visits went wonderfully and I have been spending most of my time away from the computer which means I am not writing much at the moment. So while I am busy I figured I would put up a kids update post, hopefully I’ll be back to regular posting soon. 5 year old Ms Action got to try out a rock climbing wall this month, she was the youngest kid there who made it all the way to the top and hit the buzzer. Recently, while explaining her neighbor friend’s mood swings to me, she said “He was very super annoyed because h … [Read more...]

What the kids have been up to

Ms Action 5 1/2: "Mom, when I get big someday I am going to go to the dealership and get a Dodge Ram. They have really sweet engines, you should check them out. Then we could use it to haul stuff to the dump."Other cars on her list of vehicles to acquire include: GMC Sierra, Mini Cooper, Honda Civic, a snow plough attachment for her pick-ups, a Toyota Camry, and an Orange Chrysler Sebring Convertible. I had to look some of these up to figure out what she was talking about. I was moping around on the computer and heard a suspicious clunk-splash noise coming from the bathroom, where Mr Punk is in the habit of flushing toys.  So instead of getting up I yelled “Hey! Did someone leave the ba … [Read more...]

Kiddie antics and quotes

It's been a while since I updated on the cute and silly stuffmy kids have been saying and doing, so here you go.3 month old Baby Boy recently started rolling over from back to tummy, hasn't figured out the whole tummy to back part yet, and he still tends to get his arm stuck underneath him when rolling, which infuriates him. He is very strong, and scared me recently by pulling a pillow across the bed towards him during nap time. (Pillows are now kept far away from him when sleeping!) He is also very vocal. He talks and talks when you encourage him a bit, he even talks while nursing (which makes for some milky bubbly conversations). I have no idea what he's … [Read more...]