more good news on the dead end of academic jobs

Yes, the title is sarcastic. I stumbled onto a funny and insightful article on the not-so-bright present and future of a career in academia, “Academia and the people without jobs,” by “anthropologist, writer, debtor” Ryan Anderson. Here’s a taste: The reality is this: maybe we don’t want to accept reality. Maybe we simply don’t want [Read More…]

Why Adjunct, Underemployed, and Otheremployed Evangelical Professors May Be The Key to the Future

Adjunct, underemployed, and otheremployed professors have it tough. You’ve put in a lot of years into studying and want all your effort–and family sacrifices–to mean something. You make far less than you are worth, and it’s demoralizing and scary. (For earlier posts on this general topic, see here, here, here, here, and here.) But…. You [Read More…]

The Closing of American Academia: More Reality Therapy from Prof. Eeyore…uh…I mean Enns

Sarah Kendzior received her PhD in anthropology this past May from Washington University in St. Louis. Earlier this week, she posted her reflections on the dim outlook of freshly minted PhDs, and I think she makes a number of sober observations. (I posted on this issue a while back here and here.) Highlights (or, as it were, lowlights): [Read More…]