“aha” moments: biblical scholars tell their stories (9): Anthony Le Donne

The 9th installment in our “aha moments” series is by Anthony Le Donne, assistant professor of New Testament at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, OH, and formerly of Lincoln Christian University. He was terminated from that position as a direct result of his popular book Historical Jesus: What Can We Know and How Can We Know [Read More…]

Did Jesus have a wife? I wouldn’t touch that with a 10-foot shepherd’s staff, but I know someone who will

Today’s post is an interview with Anthony Le Donne on his new book The Wife of Jesus: Ancient Texts and Modern Scandals. Le Donne (PhD, Durham) is the author/editor of six other books including The Historiographical Jesus: Memory, Typology, and the Son of David. He co-founded the Jewish-Christian Dialogue and Sacred Texts Consultation and serves as [Read More…]

The “evolution of the mind” and Christian cognitive dissonance

Over at The Jesus Blog, Anthony Le Donne posted an interesting thought on why Christians can have such cognitive dissonance about evolution: it has to do with the “evolution” of the mind in the general culture over the last century and how some patterns in Christian thinking aren’t coming along for the ride. Le Donne [Read More…]

Two scholars respond to the actual content of Reza Aslan’s take on Jesus

Over the last couple of days, two New Testament scholars have weighed in on Reza Aslan’s recent book, Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth. I’ll read the book soon enough. Thus far I’ve just been keeping up in the spate of interviews–least of which worth mentioning is the FOX debacle (If I may quote [Read More…]

Did Jesus Have a Wife? Panel Discussion with Anthony Le Donne

For those in the Stockton, CA area, Anthony Le Donne announced on his blog that will part of a public panel discussion at the University of the Pacific on the recent controversy over whether Jesus had a wife. Le Donne is the author of Historical Jesus: What Can We Know and How Can We Know [Read More…]