Archaeology and the Exodus Story as a “Mnemo-Narrative” (and no cracks about “finding mnemo” please)

Below is a half-hour video passed on to me a while back by an archaeologist friend of mine. It is of a lecture given by Israeli archaeologist Aren Maeir of Bar Ilan University. The lecture is entitled, “Can Archaeological Correlates for the Mnemo-Narrative of Exodus be Found?” I think I embed the video properly, but if not, [Read More…]

What Wine Would Jesus Drink? (a new book tells you)

Today’s post is an interview is with Randall Heskett, co-author of Divine Vintage: Following the Wine Trail from Genesis to the Modern Age. Heskett holds advanced degrees in biblical studies and ancient Near Eastern languages from Yale (S.T.M.) and University of Toronto (Ph.D), and his publications include Messianism within the Scriptural Scroll of Isaiah and Reading the Book [Read More…]