the Bible’s diverse God–(from The Bible Tells Me So)

Looking to the Bible to find out what God is like seems like about the most obvious thing the Bible should hand you on a silver platter. But it doesn’t. You have to work for it. The God we meet there sometimes knows everything, and other times he’s stumped and trying to figure things out. [Read More…]

another juicy quote from Oswald Chambers: “we are not asked to believe the Bible.”

Here is another quote from Oswald Chambers sent to me by my rector, Father Dave Robinson of  St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church. Apparently he seems to have a lot of time on his hands, and if he keeps sending me these things, the vestry will likely require him to start giving 14 minute homilies instead of the regular 12 minute [Read More…]

the best way of getting out of the whole Canaanite genocide thing, and it comes right from the Bible (but you may not like it)

In past posts (here, then followed up here, here, here, and here) I’ve talked quite a bit about the little problem we have in the Old Testament: God orders the armies of Joshua to kill every single Canaanite so the Israelites can live in their land. Deuteronomy 20 lays this out, and the deed is done [Read More…]

The Bible is the center of the Christian faith (and don’t assume you know what I mean by that)

John Franke gave a lecture to the Eastern University community yesterday entitled “Progressive Evangelical Theology: Nature, Promise, and Prospects.” If you don’t know who Franke is, please email me the address of the rock you live under and I will make sure you get caught up. Briefly, Franke is the Executive Director and Professor of Missional [Read More…]

Tim Keller on Homosexuality and Biblical Authority: Different Crisis, Same Problem.

In a recent Ethics and Public Policy Center forum, Tim Keller spoke to a group of journalists and was asked about his views on gay marriage and homosexuality. Keller’s response included the following prediction of how evangelicals will make peace with this issue:  “Large numbers of evangelical Christians, even younger ones…will continue to hold the view [Read More…]