was David really a king? two recent books explore his life

I’m reading together two recent books that explore the live of King David: Joel Baden’s The Historical David: The Real Life of an Invented Hero and Jacob L. Wright’s King David and His Reign Revisited. The latter is available now in iBooks and will soon be available from Cambridge University Press. Neither book is for raw beginners, [Read More…]

How to avoid biblical archaeology food fights: one archaeologist’s advice

This recent post by Steven Collins concerning the role of archaeology and the Bible (namely, the Old Testament) is worth looking at. I don’t endorse it completely, but I find what he has to say generally to be a good starting point. Read it for yourself and see what you think. Collins’s main issue is with [Read More…]

Guess What: Your Presuppositions Don’t Automatically Make You a Better or Worse Interpreter of the Bible

A couple of weeks ago I posted on “3 ways I would like to see evangelical leaders stop defending the Bible.” The third way I was complaining about is the common claim that if one’s presuppositions are false, false conclusions are sure to follow. I see this not only among evangelical leaders but also now and [Read More…]

“Historians Have to Make Things Up” says Thucydides.

Over at Mere Student, John Oliff posted on the Greek historian Thucydides’s (c.460-c.395 BC) take on the nature of historiography. Sounds like a real snoozer, but grab a cup of coffee if you have to and read this quote from The History of the Peloponnesian War. In this history I have made use of set speeches [Read More…]