A nuclear, apocalyptic, smackdown, world-ending book on biblical inerrancy is [not] coming soon

I’ve begun seeing some ads online and in catalogs on an upcoming book I contributed to, Five Views on Biblical Inerrancy, part of Zondervan’s Counterpoints genre (see my earlier announcement here). I’ve also seen some posts by eager beavers anticipating the end of the space-time universe within a day or two of it’s release date (November 2013). The five contributors (Al Mohler, Kevin Vanhoozer, Michael Bird, John Franke, and [Read More…]

Christians and the Old Testament: don’t expect Jesus to solve your problems (or do; it depends)

When Christians run up against interpretive challenges in the Old Testament–like killing Canaanites to take their land or the meaning of the Adam story vis-a-vis science–a common way of handling these challenges is to make an appeal like: “Yes, but we can’t just look at these passages on their own terms. We have to keep [Read More…]

A Quick Word on Two New Books on (1) Evolution and (2) God’s Violence

Bowing to the unreasonable pressures of publishers who actually expect me to produce something in exchange for money, I am WAAAAAAAAAY behind in my reading and in my blogging about what I am reading. Meeting this problem half way, I simply want to mention today two books I received over the past few weeks, both of which [Read More…]

On Creation and Killing Canaanites: One Simple, Hardly Worth Mentioning (but I feel that I should) Thought

In recent months, these two issues–creation and Canaanite extermination–have been among the more heat-producing that I have dealt with on this blog. Today, I want to make one simple point that concerns both of these issues, and others like it. Nothing creative or profound. Pretty standard stuff, actually, though when push comes to shove (literally) [Read More…]

Learning to Read the Bible Nonviolently

Today’s post is the third and final one by Dr. Eric Seibert, Professor of Old Testament at Messiah College (post one is here and post two is here). Much of Seibert’s work is centered on addressing the problematic portrayals of God in the Old Testament, especially his violence. He is the author of Disturbing Divine Behavior: Troubling Old Testament Images of [Read More…]