Is Christianity a Tribalistic Religion? Sort of looks that way.

At GospelFutures, Neil Williams continues his posts on the gospel and relational transformation by asking Does Christianity promote tribalism? Note Williams doesn’t ask whether Jesus or the New Testament promote tribalism. They don’t. He is asking whether Christianity does. The answer seems to be “yes” Note, too, what Williams means by “tribalism”:  not any claim to exclusivism, but [Read More…]

Does Jesus Have Anything to Say about How We Relate to Others (and is anybody going to listen?)

Over at GospelFutures, Neil Williams (D.Th., University of South Africa and author of The Maleness of Jesus: Is It Good News for Women?) has begun a new book project Chasing the Wind: The Quest for Relational Transformation. The issue, in a nutshell, is how the life and message of Jesus can be truly transformative in our relationships. No this [Read More…]