the challenge of teaching Bible to young Christians (or, true growth is painful)

  I’ve been teaching the Bible to students for 20 years now. That’s pretty amazing to me. The only things in my life that have lasted for 20 years have been family, Yankees, and mortgage. I’ve taught at the seminary and college levels, and there are huge difference between them, of course. But teaching Bible in [Read More…]

The Christian College and the Crisis of Faith–and why that might be a good thing

Today’s post is by Andrew Knapp. Knapp holds a Ph.D. (2012) in Hebrew Bible from the Johns Hopkins University. He has recently taught courses on the Bible and theology at Loyola University Maryland, Notre Dame of Maryland University, and Hood College. He specializes in the interpretation of the Hebrew Bible within its historical context, and has published [Read More…]

Thoughts on Teaching Bible at a Christian College

After teaching almost entirely at the seminary and doctoral levels for eighteen years, I’ve been teaching Bible courses to college students at Eastern University for the last three semesters. So, of course, this makes me an expert. All kidding aside, I’ve had to do some thinking about how to pull this off. Teaching Bible in a [Read More…]

Is it Possible for Christian Institutions to be Followers of Jesus? (Don’t rush me, I’m thinking)

This past Friday, Dr. Harold Heie (pronounced “high”) spoke to the Eastern University community on “Creating a Welcoming Space for Respectful Conversation about Controversial Issues” (part of the Windows on the World series). The auditorium was overflowing. Heie is known for finding ways for Christians to talk about difficult topics. In fact he has an entire website [Read More…]

The Ten Commandments of How Jesus Wants You to Fire a Colleague

I wanted to follow up a bit on my recent post citing Larry Hurtado’s prophetic denouncement of the increasingly common acts of injustice toward Christian faculty members. The following are reasonable parameters to follow when administrations find themselves, for whatever reason, at odds with a colleague, who is also a brother or sister in Christ. 1. Christian colleges and [Read More…]