Is the Bible Really Enough for Christian Theology? No (and the Bible Says So)

In chapter 11 of his book Sacred Word, Broken Word: Biblical Authority and the Dark Side of Scripture, Kent Sparks tackles the question of whether our Christian theology should be limited to the Bible. In the opening paragraph (p. 118) Sparks says “no,” that we must “move beyond Scripture’s discourse” and attend to other “voices”–four in [Read More…]

Would Paul Have Made a Good Evangelical?

No. Even when you account for 2000 years of cultural differences between Paul and Evangelicalism, the answer is no. Why? Because Paul didn’t treat the Bible the way mainstream Evangelicalism says you need to. The way Paul handled his Bible–what we call the Old Testament–would keep him off the short list for openings to teach [Read More…]

Did Paul Believe in the Bible?

I am here in San Francisco at the Society of Biblical Literature annual Sea of Tweed and Bowtie Geekfest. This is where biblical scholars from all over the world gather once a year to impress each other and buy books at half price. Yes I am cynical. I am wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and my Birkenstocks [Read More…]