reviewing two reviews of “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus” (3)

The recently released documentary “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus” attempts to redirect the modern scholarly discussion of the historicity of the exodus by revealing evidence that mainstream scholars “don’t want the world to see–because it could cause them to shift their long-held positions.” The stated justification for the film, however, is not so much scholarly as it [Read More…]

“Patterns of Evidence” and patterns of culture-war rhetoric: (2)

Today’s post is the second of three on the recently released documentary “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus.” As I said in my first post, the concern I have is with the culture-war rhetoric the documentary seems to promote concerning the historical reliability of the exodus story. Below is the rationale for making this documentary taken from the film’s website. Stated are: The Problem, [Read More…]

First of all, there is no conspiracy. A review of “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus” (1)

I’ve been asked a few times in recent weeks if I would comment on the recently released documentary Patterns of Evidence: Exodus.   I wasn’t able to see the film, since it has not been widely released, but I perused the film’s website, watched trailers, and read reactions. It struck me rather quickly that the film would likely [Read More…]

Evolution is “theoretically possible” but “unbelievably unlikely”: thoughts on creation and evolution from John Piper

In a recent 6-minute podcast, “Can We Reconcile Creation and Evolution?”, John Piper shares his thoughts on the (in)compatibility of evolution and the Bible. Piper summarizes his thinking under three headings: Theoretically, evolution is a possible Christian option, provided God is not absent (which is a view consistent with some form of “theistic evolution” popular among many [Read More…]

Guest Post: Giberson on Science and Christianity (Or, Why God Likes Math and not Postmodernism)

Today, Karl Giberson concludes his six-part series of excerpts from his new book The Wonder of the Universe: Hints of God in a Fine-Tuned World . Karl Giberson, noted speaker and writer about the intersection of Christian faith and science. (See first post for intro; see his complete bio here.) In this sixth excerpt, Giberson tells us what he [Read More…]