the christian life is not a self-improvement project

Most essentially, spirituality is openness to the Spirit….The whole thing is a dance. Your partner is the Spirit, who has already entered the dance floor and is calling for you to come. The Spirit will lead the dance. You only need to follow. Don’t hold back from trying to learn the first dance steps. Just [Read More…]

leaving a church well (or, is your church spiritually co-dependent?)

I’ve left 11 churches in my life. I never bothered counting, but I did this morning as I was thinking about this post. No, I was never kicked out (sorry to disappoint). Some departures were due to moves to and from schools, etc. Other moves were conscious decisions for other reasons. About 10 years ago, my wife [Read More…]

fear, loss of control, and theological conflict

I’ve written many times on this blog about how deep fear of loss of control sits behind heated theological conflict (e.g., here). I recently came across psychologist David G. Benner’s comments on fear, and though he is not talking about theological conflict specifically, what he says is certainly applicable to various situations dealing with disagreement over [Read More…]

something to ponder: should we fear God?

Recently Dr. David G. Benner posted some brief thoughts on whether fear should characterize our response to God (taken from his book Surrender to Love: Discovering the Heart of Christian Spirituality). Remember, these are spiritual reflections, not an academic analysis of the various dimensions of fear and love, or how they might play off of each [Read More…]

when God doesn’t make sense (exactly, yes, thank you, join the club)

My line of work brings me into contact with all sorts of Christian pilgrims on different stages of their journey. The fact that I’m not exactly sure what my line of work is is beside the point, still, for me there is something holy and at the same time deeply human when people feel the [Read More…]