Would C. S. Lewis Have Joined the Discovery Institute? (3 guesses and the first 2 don’t count)

Over at The Biologos Forum, David Williams has begun a series on what C. S. Lewis thought about evolution, Genesis, myth, and how all this fits together for Christianity (Surprised by Jack: C.S. Lewis on Mere Christianity, the Bible, and Evolutionary Science, Part 1). Williams’s series is prompted by a recent publication of the Discovery Institute edited [Read More…]

Who Needs a Historical Prometheus…uh, I mean Adam?

A couple of weeks ago at Resurrecting Raleigh, David Williams posted on why he doesn’t need Adam to be historical. He begins–and what could be more obvious–by looking at a recent biography on Robert Oppenheimer (physicist working on the Manhattan Project) in which he is compared to Prometheus, the rebellious god who stole fire from Zeus. That gets Williams thinking: [Read More…]

What We’ve Got Here is a Math Problem: Paul, the Gospel, and those Galatians

Recently David Williams posted an interesting piece on what Paul told the Galatians about the gospel. As alert readers of the New Testament know, Paul was not happy with the Galatians, no not one bit. It seems that they forgot what the gospel was, and so Paul goes all ballistic on them, saying things like [Read More…]

Good News: King Jesus is in the House

Recently, David Williams posted his next piece in his series “What is the Gospel?” My comments and links to William’s previous posts on this topic are here and here. I sense that some readers still feel that Williams is asking a dumb question. “What is the gospel? It’s about how you get saved, silly.” What Williams [Read More…]

The gospel according to the Gospels: It’s not a get-out-of-hell-free card.

David Williams continues his “What is the Gospel?” series. To refresh your memory, Williams is arguing (as many do) that “fundamentally the gospel is the announcement of Jesus’ being Lord of lords, and that the NT writers did not equate the gospel with the Protestant doctrine of justification by faith alone.” In his first post, Williams looked at how [Read More…]