my spot on editorial on a movie I haven’t seen (or, OMG “NOAH” GETS THE BIBLE WRONG!!)

I’m sure I’ll see Noah soon enough. Maybe when it comes out on video. I’m sure I’ll like parts of it and not like other parts. And I am absolutely sure it will get the biblical very, very wrong. And I don’t care. Didn’t we just go through all this? I feel I should be [Read More…]

On Being an Ex-Apologist (Hardman, part 1 of 3)

Below is the first of three posts by Randy Hardman on his experiences as an official Christian apologist and why he felt he had to move on from that vocation. (Readers may remember an earlier post with a similar theme.) Hardman speaks his truth from his experience and has a deep story to tell, some [Read More…]

“If They Only Knew What I Thought”: The Sad Cycle of Evangelical Biblical Scholarship

I wish I had kept a list. I’ve had far too many conversations over the last few years with trained, experienced, and practicing biblical scholars, young, middle aged, and near retirement, working in Evangelical institutions, trying to follow Jesus and use their brains and training to help students navigate the challenging world of biblical interpretation. And they are [Read More…]

You and I Have a Different God, I Think

I’ve been watching the Adam and evolution debates/discussions on line, in social media, and in print. I think I am beginning to see more clearly what accounts for the deeply held, visceral, differences of opinion about whether Adam was the first man or whether Adam is a story. The reason for the differences is not simply that people have [Read More…]

3 Ways I Would Like to See Evangelical Leaders Stop Defending The Bible

I posted last week on “3 Things I Would Like to See Evangelical Leaders Stop Saying about Biblical Scholarship.” Today’s post is about rhetoric I have heard from evangelical leaders when defending a biblical position. Though these leaders may be well-intentioned, I feel their rhetoric only serves to score points, entrench positions, and detract from [Read More…]