a quick announcement about me, and I hope you don’t mind if I **SIT DOWN** first

Dear People, As many of you know, I’ve been at teaching Biblical Studies at Eastern University since January of 2012, and it’s been both a privilege and a ton of fun. I wanted to share some news with you. A few weeks ago Eastern University awarded me an academic chair. I am officially the Abram [Read More…]

How I Would Have Plotted Out “The Bible” Series on the The History Channel Had I Been Asked (and I wasn’t)

O.K., let’s try to be constructive here. I’m not crazy about the TV series “The Bible” on the History Channel, but neither am I losing sleep over it, and I’m sure plenty of people are enjoying it, learning from it, etc. But, had I been asked what should and shouldn’t be covered, here’s how I [Read More…]